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My First Run: Sarah Wilson

My first run: Sarah Wilson

We all remember our first. Our first run, that is.

We recently asked our readers to share stories from the first time they laced up their sneaks and hit the streets  (or treadmill or trails). Below Patricia Hensley shares her story. Want to submit yours? Email us!

Two years ago, my friend entered the half marathon at Angkor Wat in Cambodia and invited me along. It was 6 months notice but I knew there was no way I would be ready for a half marathon, but decided to sign up for the 10K, I mean how hard could that be!

The first day I headed to the park with my walk-run plan. Run one minute, walk one minute, and repeat. That first minute run was the longest minute of my life, the one minute walk was the fastest. During the second long running minute, I thought the timer on my app must be wrong, surely I had run a minute, it felt like an hour but no it was just 10 seconds.
Despite being disillusioned by my first running attempt and jealous of the runners around me who were jogging, chatting, constantly lapping me and apparently having no trouble with breathing either, I decided to persevere. And yes, guess what, I did manage to run the 10K at Angkor Wat and a year later I went back to do the half marathon and next year I have a place in the London Marathon.
But I’ll never forget that first minute of running.