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Runner’s Column: Compromise in the one-runner household

Compromise in the one-runner household

One of my wife’s co-workers once joked I did not have hobbies or interests – I moved from one obsession to another. Running can become an all-encompassing pursuit where you never really are done. You can always try to go faster and longer because the reality is if you truly dedicate yourself and push yourself […]

Accomplish your health goals through gamification

Use the gamer strategy to accomplish health goals

We all have something that holds us back on our path to optimal health and performance. It might be a persistent injury, a crazy busy lifestyle, a general lack of motivation, or any combination of things – but the point is, each one of us has something we wish we could tackle so we can […]

The pitfalls of signing up for a race as motivation (and how to avoid them)

The pitfalls of signing up for a race for motivation (and how to avoid them)

“Sign up for a race!” is a common piece of advice offered to newbie runners who want to make running a habit or for those who’ve been off for a few weeks or months and are looking for the motivation to get started again. On the surface, this seems like a perfectly reasonable choice. Having something to train […]

My First Run: Sarah Wilson

My first run: Sarah Wilson

We all remember our first. Our first run, that is. We recently asked our readers to share stories from the first time they laced up their sneaks and hit the streets  (or treadmill or trails). Below Patricia Hensley shares her story. Want to submit yours? Email us! Two years ago, my friend entered the half marathon at Angkor […]

Keep your running clothes smelling like new, run after run

Gifts for the female runner

Modern running gear with all of its new-age synthetic fabrics is made to last. Many shoes, shorts, and shirts are also have anti-microbial coatings to deter bacteria and their associated stink. But all of that is irrelevant if you don’t take care of your running clothes the right way. Here’s how to keep your clothes smelling so fresh […]

How to sneak fitness into your day

How to sneak fitness in throughout the day

I’m sure everyone feels this way at one point or another, but lately there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I find myself staying up later and later to fit it all in. And while I tend to prioritize fitness, there are some days when I struggle to get in a workout. Here are a few tricks […]

Why do I smell ammonia after a run?

The effects of running on testosterone levels in men

I first noticed a strong ammonia-like smell in my nose after long, hard runs – more than 75 minutes – in warm conditions. Naturally, I asked my wife if she could smell it, too, but she couldn’t. It was all in my nose. I decided to investigate. Turns out, I was running too hard for my current fuel […]

Recipe: grain-free chocolate and nut granola

Granola recipe that's grain-free, paleo-friendly with chocolate and nuts

It takes a lot for me to turn on my oven. I am a notoriously lazy cook, and anything that takes longer than 15 minutes to get onto my plate is usually just too much of a hassle. And of all the things one might possibly make in an oven, making granola was certainly not […]

Running with diabetes

Running with diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness that can lead to other health problems, such as heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness. But managing your diabetes well can reduce your risk of complications. It’s important to follow your diabetes care plan exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Treating diabetes usually involves taking medication, eating a nutritious diet, […]

WJR city guide: An insider’s guide to running in Amsterdam

WJR city guide: An insiders’ guide to running in Amsterdam

One of our new contributors, Varia Makagonova, is based out of Amsterdam, and we thought it would be fun to have her share some of her favorite spots to run in this beautiful European city. Check out her guide below and stay tuned for more “City Guides” from our writers.  Amsterdam is a popular European travel destination, but […]