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Upside down: The benefits of inversions for runners

The benefits of inversions

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you may have heard the teacher say something along the lines of “take your choice of inversion” and then watched a slew of heads drop and legs lift. In yoga, inverting means to take an asana (or physical pose) where your head is below your heart. Even […]

Best classic metal/hard rock songs for runners

Music Monday: heavy metal and hard rock playlist

I am a child of the 80s and I wasn’t one of the cool kids who listened to synth pop or early rap. I had hair to my shoulders, wore a jean jacket, and listened to old school metal and hard rock. It’s what I listened to before football games and it’s what I listen […]

I had one drink. Can I run?

Free what after a race?

Fess up: we know many of you have had this thought before. If you had a mimosa with breakfast, is it OK to knock out a few miles? Can you hit up your evening running club after you imbibed at happy hour with your coworkers? If you only had one drink, you may be tempted […]

Expert Q&A: post-half marathon recovery tips

Tips to help you recover from a half marathon

It’s the day after a half marathon and you are sore in places you’ve never been sore before. It’s time to focus on recovery! But what does this mean and what exactly should you do? We asked three coaches – Jason Saltmarsh, Theresa Kavouras, and Denny Krahe – to share their tips. And while there’s no one […]

Injury-prone? It’s the worst. Here are 5 tips to stay healthy

Injury-prone and no solution in site? Try this.

What’s that? You’re following our rules for injury prevention to a T, but you’re still ending up hurt? We’ve been there, too! If you’re one of the unlucky runners who always seems to get hurt, these tips are for you. Know your own limits. It’s great your neighbor can run 70-mile weeks and not get […]

Natural healing: ginger

Natural healing: ginger

Love it or hate it, ginger may be beneficial to your health and your running. Ginger is a flowering plant from the same family as turmeric. The rhizome is the underground root or stem typically used to flavor dishes and drinks. Ginger can be found at your local grocery store in several forms: ground and […]

The benefits of napping for runners

Naptime: the benefits of naps for runners

If you’ve never experienced the beauty of taking regular naps (or if you hated nap-time as child), it might be worth your while to (re)consider making napping a regular part of your day or week, especially before a workout. If you’re feeling tired, going for a run can help boost your alertness, but you’ll probably […]

Boxers, briefs, or commando: running underwear for men

Running underwear (or lack there of) for men

My first pair of real running shorts had this fantastic supportive liner inside the light polyester outer fabric. While I was sure this supportive liner served some function it confounded me: Do I wear underwear under these shorts or not? There’s no right answer here, and the scientific debate of the actual performance benefits of compression […]

How to deal with the mean voice in your head

don't let the negativity takeover

As runners we are constantly critical of – and in competition with – ourselves, and it can easily lead to negative, unproductive self-talk. Those demons in your head can take a toll on your motivation, and as a result, your performance – which can lead to you being more self-critical. Here are some tips for battling that little […]

Runner’s column: why I don’t want to run a marathon

Runner's Column: why I don't want to run a marathon

The question I continually get from my running and non-running friends when discussing races and distance training is always the same: When are you running a marathon? And my answer has slowly migrated into a very confident zone: Not soon and maybe not ever. For some runners, this may seem sacrilegious. The marathon for any distance […]