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The art of matching the beat to your feet: creating the perfect running playlist

Lots of runners rely on music for their workouts but creating the perfect playlist to match your speed, gait, and style can be a challenge. If the tempo is slightly too slow or fast, it can be difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing. And since no two runners are alike, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all playlist recipe.

Luckily there are some nifty apps out there that will analyze your tempo and find songs to match it.

Think Tinder, but for your feet!

Spotify runningSpotify recently added a “Running” section to their already awesome app.

The new feature assesses your starting tempo in beats per minute and plays songs to match that from a variety of playlists including “Burn” by Tiesto, Country Running, and Throwback Hits. If you find yourself a bit out of sync – or simply want to speed up or slow down – you can alter the beats per minute (BPM) yourself in notches of five.

Rock My RunRockMyRun has pre-made mixes for all genres, so whether you’re a Pop Prince/Princess, a Rock King/Queen, or anything in between, you’ll find a mix you can run to for miles.

The great thing about this app is you can personalize it to suit your style. You can play the mix in normal mode – where the songs will play at their standard tempo – or you can set your own mixed tempo, which is great for interval training. You also have the option of matching songs to your steps or heartbeat.

Pace DJPace DJ also measures your BPM and finds music to match that, however, the main difference is this app uses music from your iTunes library rather than an independent bank of songs.

This is great if you have a strong collection of music and acts as a funky little time machine when the songs from ten years ago get selected into the mix.

Do you have a favorite music app you use when running?

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