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Best classic metal/hard rock songs for runners

Music Monday: heavy metal and hard rock playlistI am a child of the 80s and I wasn’t one of the cool kids who listened to synth pop or early rap. I had hair to my shoulders, wore a jean jacket, and listened to old school metal and hard rock. It’s what I listened to before football games and it’s what I listen to now when I run.

Some people like to listen to music that motivates, uplifts, and encourages when they run. I like music that inspires aggression, helps combat the boredom that long runs can bring, and has a pounding beat that sometimes synchs up with my pace when I do speedwork.

This list is what’s in regular rotation for my running. It’s very 80s inspired but with some newer music sprinkled in as well.

A word of caution: When running to loud music, be sure you are safe about where you run (can see oncoming traffic or run on a track and can see others around you). Also, this list is n no specific order but I like to listen to my running mix on shuffle so I’m surprised but what song comes on next.

Written by Rob Haneisen.