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Running in a place where no one ‘gets’ running

the lone runner: running in a place where no one gets running

Just as I decided to train for my first marathon, I moved from Vancouver, Canada (where running is more popular than walking) to a tiny little town called Maastricht in the Netherlands (where running is something you do to hide from the rain in a bar). Needless to say, it was an adjustment. Every time […]

Social dancing as cross-training for runners

Social dancing for cross-training

Social dancing is a term that encompasses lots of different partner dances – including the salsa, zouk, bachata, tango, and swing. Usually you take a course, where you learn steps, positions, movements and combinations. And then you take those skills onto the dance floor at socials – basically large rooms with a bar and a dance floor, […]

The art of matching the beat to your feet: creating the perfect running playlist

Spotify running

Lots of runners rely on music for their workouts but creating the perfect playlist to match your speed, gait, and style can be a challenge. If the tempo is slightly too slow or fast, it can be difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing. And since no two runners are alike, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all playlist recipe. Luckily there […]

Play it cool when meeting famous runners

Tips for meeting elite runners - and how to play it cool

The free flow of information between average participants, avid racers, and true professionals and elites is one of the unique aspects of running. The common man and woman can rub shoulders with the people who populate the pinnacle of the sport –something that would never happen in baseball, hockey, football, etc. We reached out to the following […]

5 things runners obsess about during race week – and how to stop

Stop obsessing: 5 things runners tend to overthink in the week leading up to race day

Many successful runners are slightly obsessive. It’s the trait that gives us the self-discipline needed to stick with training plans, watch our diet, and track our progress. But in the week before a race, when our physical and mental energy sits idle as we cutback on miles, that obsessive-ness can become our worst enemy – driving everyone (including […]

Why am I dizzy during – or after – a run?

Essentials for runners

Feeling dizzy during or after a run can be a frightening experience. Maybe you just felt a little woozy or perhaps you even fainted. No matter how severe your symptoms are, dizziness is not something you want to mess around with. Causes of dizziness Dizziness during and immediately following a run can happen for a […]

The importance of good sleep for runners

the importance of sleep for runners

Sleep, as you’ve heard a million times, is crucial to your overall health. Getting less than 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night on a regular basis is linked to a whole bunch of unpleasant effects. And while it may be tempting to forego sleep in order to squeeze in a bit more running time, the effects […]

Running safety: see (and be seen) when running in the dark

Safety tips for running in the dark

It’s official: the light-filled days of summer have ended. Morning runners have likely noticed the sun doesn’t come up quite as early. Before too long, evening runners will be in the darkness, too. Running in the dark presents several challenges – the main one being you can’t see in front of you. If you’ve ever […]