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Running high, literally. Marijuana and running.

Running high, literally. Marijuana and running.

<Disclaimer> We’re not advocating marijuana use – especially if you live in a state or country where it’s illegal. </Disclaimer> Every runner knows there’s nothing quite like a runner’s high. But some runners are taking it to a whole new level. They’re running high – literally. With the legalization of medical marijuana in 23 states and Washington DC, and the […]

Stop and take a picture on your run. It’ll last longer.

Why you should definitely take the photo on your run

I love to take photos during my runs. Especially in the fall, running paths can be extremely beautiful – with the colorful leaves and the sunsets making for perfect Instagram-able scenes. But every time I stop to capture such a moment, I can’t help but notice other runners around me giving me the side-eye. “You can’t be […]

What scuba diving taught me about running that everyone can learn from

What scuba diving taught me about running

It goes without saying scuba diving and running are not very similar sports. One basically necessitates rapid movement, reactions, and breathing while the other demands stillness, calmness, and relaxation. But not unlike the relationship between running and meditation, there are several lessons runners can take away from the experience of scuba diving. The two actually […]

Deer. Owls. Skunks. Oh my! How to deal with wildlife encounters on the run


If you run in the early morning or after dusk, you’ll embrace the tranquility of empty streets and quiet until you here something crashing in the woods next to you or see the glow of eyes down the road in your headlamp. Wildlife encounters when you are running can be an “oh, cool!” event that can […]

Tips for balancing running and strength training

How to balance running and strength training

At the start of every training plan, I have the best of intentions. I always vow to strength train regularly to prevent injuries and build speed. Usually, I’m good about sticking to a weightlifting regimen for the first few weeks. But eventually all the long runs, speedwork sessions, and lifting begin to take their toll on my […]

Why you should set goals that scare you


Sometimes in our running careers, we need to be a little bit gentler on ourselves – relaxing our often harsh, high standards of our own performance and quieting that little critical voice in our heads. But other times, you need to take the complete opposite approach. If you’re stuck in a rut, if you’re lacking motivation, if your […]

Rain vs. wind: the pros, the cons, and how to run in both

Rain vs. Wind: The pros and cons of running in each

Weather conditions for a race were never worse – in my experience – than the 2014 Eastern States 20-miler. It was 38 degrees, raining with winds gusting at 30-35 mph. I suppose the only thing that could have been worse is if the heavy rain that pounded the New Hampshire seacoast all morning kept going […]

10 salty (yet healthy!) snacks for runners


  This past summer was rough for me in terms of running. I felt weak and struggled through most of my runs. I mentioned it to a running buddy one day and she said, “how much salt do you eat?” I knew runners sometimes need more salt than the general population (and here’s why), but […]

Runner’s column: lessons learned from watching the back-of-the-pack

The finish line: lessons learned from a last place finisher

There’s an older woman who runs a lot of the local races in my area and she finishes last in every single one of them. Her gait has disintegrated to a painful-looking, slightly hunched over half-shuffle. After one particularly cold and windy race I remember overhearing her saying she was doing OK until she ran/walked […]

Recipes: Post long run dinners for every hemisphere

Shrimp and white bean stew

After a long run where you have really depleted your system and need to refill your energy tanks, a good meal that is both satisfying and tastes great is essential to your recovery. What you eat depends on the season: after a long run in the summer, you crave something drastically different than the same […]