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Protect your lips this winter with these SPF lip balms

The best SPF lip balms

I am a lip balm fiend.

Like most young girls, my obsession started well before high school with a slew of colorful Bonnie Bell flavors. As I got older, it became more about function than fashion. The more running I did, the more important it became to protect my lips from the sun – especially in the winter, when the wind and dry air can zap even more moisturizer from my pout. I can honestly say I have tried more than 50 SPF chapsticks, lip balms, and glosses, each time hoping it’s the best and last.

After all this extensive research, the following are my top four:

  • Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with SPF 15. Hands down, Palmer’s makes the best non-SPF lip balm so I figured I’d give their SPF balm a shot. They have a few different types, some of which I didn’t like at all – steer clear of their chocolate flavored one. Yuck! However, this is the best of the bunch. It moisturizes the lips and doesn’t have a strong sunscreen taste like so many others. I’ve had trouble finding it in stores but Amazon carries it for $3.50.
  • LipZipZ Mixed Berry with SPF 15. I stumbled on LipZipZ at REI one day. Not only does this balm go on smooth and have a pleasant taste, it has a mini clip for easy retrieval. I have one of these attached to our stroller and one attached to the outside of my bag. Now I’m never caught rummaging around for my balm. It’s good to note, the Mixed Berry flavor is great, however, I didn’t like the Pina Colada flavor as much (and it had a drier feel on my lips). Available online or at REI for $2.89.
  • Blistex Orange Mango Blast with SPF 15. I’ve tried most of the Blistex products and haven’t been a big fan but this is a new product from them and their best. It’s very fruity, which keeps it from tasting too much like sunscreen. It’s also moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips like many of their other products. I found this online for only $1.06 making it the cheapest of the bunch.
  • ChapStick Hydrating Lock I’m not as big of a fan of this as the other three balms above, but it is still hands down better than 90 percent of the others I’ve tried. The problem with most SPF balms is they are very drying. I usually have to use a coating of non-SPF on top before I leave the house (yes, that’s how crazy I am about lip balm). The nice thing about this chapstick is the built in dual ends. One side contains SPF, the other is hydrating chapstick. I love that they’re on the same stick for convenience. Available at most drugstore and chain stores for $2.99.

If you’ve tried other lip balms that you love, please leave us a comment. We would love to try them!

Written by Lisa Chase.