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Keep your child happy on the run: the best jogging stroller accessories

Jogging stroller accessoriesFiguring out which jogging stroller to buy is hard enough, but after you’ve been running with your kid for a few months, you’ll probably realize there are a few stroller accessories that can also make your run easier.

Here are a few of our favorite stroller accessories:

  • Baby shade coverThere are plenty of fancy shade covers out there, but we bought this on a whim and it’s been the single best investment we’ve made. I’ve not only used this cover as a sunshade but also as a feeding cover up, a blanket for the grass, and a burp rag. It’s super lightweight, can be thrown in the wash with no special instructions, and has elastic all around so it fits any stroller type. It also has mesh sides so baby can still see out while being protected against harmful UV rays. The best part? This shade is $9.99 at Babies R Us.
  • Rain coverAlong the same lines as the Baby Shade, having a rain cover is great for keeping little ones warm and dry when running throughout the fall and winter. This rain cover fits most strollers and is on the cheaper side at $16.50. But you can find rain covers for your particular stroller on Amazon that will run you anywhere from $7-$50. A small investment for keeping baby happy during winter workouts.
  • Infant car seat adapter frameAlthough I only ran with my daughter in her carrier for a few months, I was so anxious to start running after she was born that it was a serious lifesaver. You can use this with BOB Strollers, and it works with several different brands of car seat. The adapter is $49.99 through the Bob website, but is totally worth the investment.
  • Handlebar consoleAlthough a lot of jogging strollers have built in beverage holders, some don’t. I bought this beverage holder for my stroller. It’s meant more for water bottles then coffee or tea, is fabric, and holds water bottles snug while you run. It also has a zippered section where you can put your phone or a few spare dollars. I found it on Amazon for $20.99.
  • Baby buddy secure-a-toyI’ve yet to enter the throwing toy phase, but my running buddy’s daughter is smack dab in the middle of it. We are constantly on the look out for flying toys during our runs. For $2.99 you can save yourself a lot of grief by attaching your baby’s toys directly to the stroller so that they stay where they belong.

Although none of the accessories are mandatory for running, they sure can help make runs with your little one more enjoyable!

Written by Lisa Chase.