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Juicing vs. blending: which should you choose?


While we have plenty of juice and smoothie recipes here on WalkJogRun, today let’s discuss the difference between juicing and blending. Both of these methods have merits, can be great for your health, and give you energy.

What’s the difference?
Juicing is the process of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables and separating it from the pulp. This is typically done using a juicer. I’ve been using this one for many years and have been incredibly happy with it. This juicer is only $99 and continues to perform as well as the day I bought it.

With blending, you do not extract the juice from the pulp. You simply combine your produce, either frozen or fresh, with some liquid and blend it all together. If you’re looking for a great blender that won’t break the bank, I highly recommend this one.

What are the benefits?
Juice does not contain fiber, which means the vitamins and minerals in juices can be digested more quickly and efficiently than a blended smoothies.

On the other hand, with blending, the fiber is included – and fiber happens to be great for the body. It can help lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, help with regular bowel movements, and keep you fuller longer. Fiber comes in two forms: insoluble and soluble.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance. As this substance moves through the digestive tract, it binds with cholesterol and sweeps it from the body. Soluble fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits, beans, and even soy. Insoluble fiber stays generally intact – i.e., in its original form – as it moves through the body. Insoluble fiber helps ward off constipation and has been shown to help prevent colon cancer. Foods high in insoluble fiber include beans, bran, lentils, flax seeds, and certain vegetables such as spinach, green beans, and broccoli.

Which should I choose?
Both juicing and blending have incredible health benefits – and help you consume more fruits and vegetables daily. As such, it doesn’t need to be an either or situation. Adding juice and smoothies to your diet can be great for overall health.

Written by Lisa Chase.

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