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How to run less without sacrificing your speed in the winter


We’re in a new year! And, unfortunately for us fair weather runners, we’re also in the two darkest, coldest months of the year. I find this season the most challenging when it comes to running. There are no birds chirping like in spring, no 5:30 a.m. sunrises as in summer, and no colorful leaves crunching […]

6 ways to get faster in 2016

How to improve your speed and run faster this year

Running is both a lifestyle and a sport. As a lifestyle, it influences what you eat and drink, how you sleep, and often, how you spend your weekends. As a sport, it comes with the trapping and inspiration of competition. Once you have raced, for most people, the goal is to get faster, to perform […]

The benefits of different teas on running performance

Tea and infusions for runners

I love coffee for a pre-workout energy jolt, as well as its health-boosting potential, but at 145mg of caffeine per 8oz of brewed coffee it can be disruptive to stable energy levels and a good night’s sleep. Teas, on the other hand, can provide you with an energy boost without the spike and crash, while […]

Expert Q&A: Are there benefits to getting your blood tested as a runner?

Blood tests for runners: are there benefits?

Several companies offer blood testing for runners – a service that they argue provides a window into exactly what is going inside your body. What exactly is the benefit? We first spoke with Jonathan Levitt, sales manager from Inside Tracker, a Boston-based company that provides blood testing, before talking to two independent professional running coaches […]

You can do it! Don’t quit on your New Year’s resolutions, goals

Don't quit on your goals

“New year, new you!” Or so they say… While we all start off with the best of intentions, nearly 1 in 4 of us will abandon our New Year’s resolution by January 7, says the Washington Post. Yes, you read that right – January 7, i.e., TODAY. It’s one week into the year. Now, most of […]

The benefits of cold showers for runners

The benefits of cold showers for runners

Despite growing up in Northern Russia, my parents used to get me out of bed every morning by throwing me into a cold shower. While this may sound like some sort of medieval torture technique, they were doing it with good reason: cold showers were supposed to boost your immune system, and I was growing […]

Too tired to run? Boost your energy in 30 minutes or less

How to boost your energy in 30 minutes or less

Running can be difficult to fit into the day, and it’s especially hard on days when we don’t feel entirely up to it. Like on the days where you didn’t get quite enough sleep, you had a stressful presentation at work, and you forgot to fuel properly throughout the day. When it comes time to […]

Protect your lips this winter with these SPF lip balms

The best SPF lip balms

I am a lip balm fiend. Like most young girls, my obsession started well before high school with a slew of colorful Bonnie Bell flavors. As I got older, it became more about function than fashion. The more running I did, the more important it became to protect my lips from the sun – especially […]

Potential benefits of adding spirulina (blue-green algae) to a runner’s diet

Benefits of adding spirulina (blue-green algae) to a runner's diet

When training or racing, getting the most beneficial nutrition out of every meal is essential for top performance, healthy recovery, and overall energy. And there are a lot of choices out there for superfoods to keep you running. Perhaps one of the best to try and make part of your regular consumption is spirulina, also […]

Whatever your 2016 goal, we have an article for that

Tips for accomplishing your 2016 goals.

It’s a new year, and for many of us that means new goals – scary goals – but don’t get overwhelmed. We’re here to help! If your goal is … … to start running (YAY!) … Then the WalkJogRun Guide for Beginner Runners has you covered. It includes tips for training for your first race, selecting the right shoe, and more. Also, these commonly […]