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Runner of the Week: Meet Steve Coffey


Where are you located? Bransgore, near Bournemouth, England Tell us about yourself I work for a children’s charity that works to get children out of orphanages and into families. I’m dad to 2 (very soon to be 3) kids. I love football, being outdoors and on/in water, and running How did you get started running? […]

WalkJogRun app update: Real-time pace coach and popular routes features to Help Runners Stay on Track


We are very (VERY) excited to announce the latest version of the WalkJogRun app – a version that includes six new features and an updated user interface. What exactly makes this update so exciting? Well, for starters, we really love the real-time Pace Coach. The first of its kind in mobile running applications, this feature lets runners set a target goal pace […]

Achilles tendonitis in runners


By Meredith Franczyk, PT, MPT Achilles tendonitis is one of the most common running injuries.  It is estimated 50 percent of all runners will experience Achilles pain at some point – males more frequently than females. The Achilles tendon is a thick band of tissue located along the back of the lower leg and connects the […]

Use age grading to measure your running performance and progress


If your childhood was anything like mine, you grew up with distaste for red ink. You cringed when you saw red notes, symbols, and numbers etched into your finely crafted work. Thanks to our school teachers and their red pens—precariously dangled above the page like a surgeon’s scalpel—many of us shy away from advice. What […]

Why cadence matters (and what it is exactly)

You can't do it all in training - and that's OK!

Spectating at a race, you can see runners of all ages, speeds, and sizes. Leading the pack, you often see runners who glide across the pavement, gazelle-like runners who “makes it look easy.” It’s easy to think great runners are born — in some cases, this is true, but our ability to run is inherent; […]

Avid running/Running-USA.com/Running Addicts stealing content

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.41.20 AM

We pride ourselves on original content and work hard to bring you unique posts daily. That’s why it saddened and angered us to find Avid Running, Running-USA.com, and Running Addicts stealing our content — with no mention of WalkJogRun and no links back (they even removed all the hyperlinks). Their blog content automatically aggregates to […]

Show us your #winterrungear pics!


Winter running outfits can make you look like a ninja and make you feel like the kid from The Christmas Story. That said, it’s quite hardcore to hit the streets in sub-zero temps and blizzard conditions so let’s show it off. Take a winter running selfie and tag it #winterrungear on Instagram or Twitter! We’ll […]

Runner of the week: meet Nico Stanford


Where are you located? London, Edgware Road so most runs go through Hyde Park at some point. Tell us about yourself I work at The Telegraph newspaper. I head up sales on the travel side of anything to do with skiing and snowboarding. So that’s sponsorship, space at the the Ski Shows or advertising for […]

Today is a good day to run.


Because it’s Wednesday. And that’s really the only reason you need. Go. Run.

New Year’s Resolutions from the WalkJogRun team


Last week, we had a few tips to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. This week, as we count down the final hours of 2013, the WalkJogRun team shares their goals for 2014. Read on and let us know your resolutions in the comments below or on our Facebook page. ADAM HOWITT, co-founder […]