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Common male running problems: part two

A few weeks back, we discussed two issues affecting male runners: chafing, and hematuria. In part two of the series, we talk about athlete’s foot and weekend warrior syndrome. Note: while these issues also impact females, they tend to be more common in males. Athlete’s foot What is athlete’s foot? Athlete’s foot is an infection caused […]

Tips for a healthy lifestyle (and losing weight without dieting)

Diet. It’s a dreaded word. I remember wanting to diet quite young. And the way I went about it was not the smartest. Full out restricting the types of foods you eat is never a good idea. These days, though, I’ve embraced a more balanced approach to eating — moderation is key. Here are five […]

Can’t swim? Here’s how to learn and train for a triathlon


You’re fascinated by triathlons and are eager to try one, however, there’s a problem: You can’t swim. But just like running, you can pick up swimming at any age. And, in my experience, triathletes are some of the most accepting and encouraging people so you there’s no need to feel intimated or embarrassed. Here’s how to take […]

Not your average running mantras


Who says running has to be serious all the time? One of my favorite things to do on a solo run is think of funny phrases to keep me chugging along. Lots of runners have mantras — such as “you got this” or “you are strong” — but mine tend to be more on the […]

Running tips for new moms: finding balance


Finding running balance as a new mom can be tough — especially if its your first child. Resisting the temptation to get back into shape and chase down PR goals right off the bat can be a challenge. However, it’s important in the first year of your child’s life to ease back into physical activities and racing. A little […]

Running for weight loss


Running is a great way to shed unwanted pounds — just check out these amazing success stories! And if you’re looking to lose weight, here are some tips to get the most out of your running: Add intervals Interval training is one of the most efficient exercises for weight loss since your body continues to burn calories at […]

Overcome race doubt, run without fear


I’m running my fourth marathon in a few weeks — even though I swore after my last one I’d never do it again. Yet, here I am — a month away from running another 26.2 miles. This time around, training has been great, or more accurately, it was great until this past week when I […]

Recipe: healthy (and quick) summer dessert parfait


If you’re watching your weight this summer — or just trying to keep healthy — this strawberry, blueberry, and banana summer parfait is a delicious dessert that only takes minutes to make. Perfect for any 4th of July party! Ingredients (makes about 6 desserts) 1 pint strawberries 3 bananas 1 package blueberries Cool Whip (sugar free) 2 […]

5 dangers of summer running


In the summer, safety becomes an issue as our runs extend into the evening and our training logs grow with increased mileage. Here are five running dangers especially prevalent in the warmer months.  Also, make sure to check out the eight items runners shouldn’t leave home without. Night running. Hot weather my force you to run in the evening, after […]

Triathlons: a great racing option for injury-prone runners


As a physical therapist, I have seen many people sidelined from running by injury. Some of these people are repeat offenders, even with strict adherence to my recommendations. The dreaded question of “should I run?” inevitably comes up. As much as I hate saying no, it is sometimes the only cure. However, in many cases, I […]