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Exercise-induced asthma: when a cough is more than just a cough

exercise-induced asthma

It’s common for runners to cough after a tough run. Same goes for coughing after running in the cold and dry air. But what if that cough persists? A health condition known as exercise-induced asthma is something runners should be aware of because the very nature of their sport makes them possibly more susceptible to […]

Why so serious? Inject some fun into your run

Inject some fun in your running

Fun is a word associated with running not often enough. Why? For starters, runners tend to be very serious about their training, about their times, about their race schedules, about what they eat , wear, and drink. We don’t want to get injured and are constantly looking at improving. Where’s the room for fun? Plus, […]

Racing with the runs

Running with the Runs

I woke up on Nov. 22, 2015 ready for the annual Slattery’s Turkey Trot 5-miler in Fitchburg, Mass. It’s my hometown race and I look forward to it every year. However, on this morning my stomach was not behaving – at ALL – and I spent the better part of the morning pre-race in the bathroom. […]

6 ways to get faster in 2016

How to improve your speed and run faster this year

Running is both a lifestyle and a sport. As a lifestyle, it influences what you eat and drink, how you sleep, and often, how you spend your weekends. As a sport, it comes with the trapping and inspiration of competition. Once you have raced, for most people, the goal is to get faster, to perform […]

Expert Q&A: Are there benefits to getting your blood tested as a runner?

Blood tests for runners: are there benefits?

Several companies offer blood testing for runners – a service that they argue provides a window into exactly what is going inside your body. What exactly is the benefit? We first spoke with Jonathan Levitt, sales manager from Inside Tracker, a Boston-based company that provides blood testing, before talking to two independent professional running coaches […]

Potential benefits of adding spirulina (blue-green algae) to a runner’s diet

Benefits of adding spirulina (blue-green algae) to a runner's diet

When training or racing, getting the most beneficial nutrition out of every meal is essential for top performance, healthy recovery, and overall energy. And there are a lot of choices out there for superfoods to keep you running. Perhaps one of the best to try and make part of your regular consumption is spirulina, also […]

Expert Q&A: Planning your 2016 racing calendar

Setting goals: big and small

The 2016 racing season is right around the corner! To help you plan and organize your running goals, we talked to two running coaches – Jason Saltmarsh from North Hampton, NH and Albert Dell’Apa from Toronto, Canada – about the pros and cons of big goals vs. mini goals and why most runners would benefit from both. What are the pros and […]

Budget-friendly gifts (and stocking stuffers) for runners

Budget-friendly gifts for runners

At the core, running is a cheap sport. You just need some shoes and a sports bra (for the ladies) and you’re good to go! But that’s not to say we runners don’t want fancy socks, brightly colored-shoelaces, or an endless supply of energy chews. Here are some budget-friendly gifts for runners that will be much appreciated: SOCKS: Runners enjoy an “expensive” pair of […]

Winter is coming, be ready

Preparing for winter running, now

Many runners say they dread winter and that the coldest months of the year are usually when they run the least or – gasp! – hit the treadmill. But don’t psych yourself out – psych yourself up! Winter running doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Mentally preparing for winter starts now, before the last leaves fall on […]

Runner’s Column: time to be thankful

Rob Haneisen and his son Isaac, 10, high-five before their races on October 31 in Ashland, Mass.

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times of the year for running. Nearly every community has a 5K (or longer) turkey trot either on the actual holiday or in the weekends that frame it. Many of these races raise money for charities and local scholarship funds. The first race I ever ran in was […]