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What scuba diving taught me about running that everyone can learn from

What scuba diving taught me about running

It goes without saying scuba diving and running are not very similar sports. One basically necessitates rapid movement, reactions, and breathing while the other demands stillness, calmness, and relaxation. But not unlike the relationship between running and meditation, there are several lessons runners can take away from the experience of scuba diving. The two actually […]

Tips for balancing running and strength training

How to balance running and strength training

At the start of every training plan, I have the best of intentions. I always vow to strength train regularly to prevent injuries and build speed. Usually, I’m good about sticking to a weightlifting regimen for the first few weeks. But eventually all the long runs, speedwork sessions, and lifting begin to take their toll on my […]

Upside down: The benefits of inversions for runners

The benefits of inversions

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you may have heard the teacher say something along the lines of “take your choice of inversion” and then watched a slew of heads drop and legs lift. In yoga, inverting means to take an asana (or physical pose) where your head is below your heart. Even […]

Social dancing as cross-training for runners

Social dancing for cross-training

Social dancing is a term that encompasses lots of different partner dances – including the salsa, zouk, bachata, tango, and swing. Usually you take a course, where you learn steps, positions, movements and combinations. And then you take those skills onto the dance floor at socials – basically large rooms with a bar and a dance floor, […]

How to really go to the gym (no, seriously, for real this time!)

How to really go to the gym (no, like for real)

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who like gyms, and those who would rather do anything else in the world than go into one. Many runners fall into the latter category. After all, why would you choose sweating on a tiny machine beside 20 other people over being outside, in the fresh […]

Forget the gym! Try these body weight exercises for runners

Body weight workouts for runners

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: runners need to strength train. Regularly resistance training can make you faster, lower your risk for injuries, and help you tone up and trim down. But strength training requires a membership to a gym – or at least owning a few sets of dumbbells – right? […]

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

We have talked about it so many times. The importance of cross-training and strength training regularly. How varying your workouts is the only way to improve as a runner and – most importantly – avoid injury. But I’m guilty of not practicing what I preach. After a race-heavy fall and early winter, I was burnt […]

Build a strong core by summer with these tips

Runner's high: how to get and stay in the flow

A strong core is a must for runners. While washboard abs may be aesthetically desirable, a strong midsection can take your running up to the next level. If you’ve ever suffered from low back pain or have had your form fall apart towards the end of a long run or race, a strong core can […]

Stretching: 101

Do runners need to stretch?

To stretch or not to stretch? That is the question many runners ask themselves. Some runners avoid stretching because they heard it can lead to injury. Others don’t see the point and would rather not waste their time with it. But then there are the people who practice yoga on a regular basis and a […]

8 popular group fitness classes, demystified

You may have joined a gym for the first time in 2015 and now you’re looking to maximize your experience by taking a group fitness class. Good for you! But some of those class titles can look like a foreign language, and the descriptions can scare you away from even setting foot inside. Relax! Below […]