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Upside down: The benefits of inversions for runners

The benefits of inversions

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you may have heard the teacher say something along the lines of “take your choice of inversion” and then watched a slew of heads drop and legs lift. In yoga, inverting means to take an asana (or physical pose) where your head is below your heart. Even […]

Stretching: 101

Do runners need to stretch?

To stretch or not to stretch? That is the question many runners ask themselves. Some runners avoid stretching because they heard it can lead to injury. Others don’t see the point and would rather not waste their time with it. But then there are the people who practice yoga on a regular basis and a […]

Yoga for Runners: a new ebook by WalkJogRun

WalkJogRun Yoga for Runners ebook now available on iBooks

We are extremely excited to announce our ebook “Yoga for Runners” is now available in the iBook store – just in time for the holidays! And at $9.99 (or the local equivalent) it makes a great last minute gift for a runner in your life … or yourself (because, after all, you deserve it!). ABOUT […]

Yoga modifications while pregnant

Yoga can be a wonderful de-stressor and time for bonding with your baby. However, pregnancy will naturally change your practice once you’re expecting. Below are modifications to keep in mind as you move through the next nine months. (As always, consult your doctor about exercise as it specifically relates to your unique pregnancy and needs.) FIRST […]

Practicing yoga when pregnant

Benefits of practicing yoga when pregnant

Yoga is a great complement to running and nearly every runner can benefit from the stretching and toning yoga provides. But yoga is especially nice for expectant moms. Here are just a few of the benefits yoga provides moms-to-be: Builds strength. Practicing yoga helps build strength and stability. The counterbalance of these two actions can help […]

Yoga for runners: balance

Ardha Chandrasana

A few months back we discussed the importance of balance for runners. To recap, balance is an essential part of running, as we spend the majority of our time landing on one foot before quickly pushing off the other. Yet, balance tends to be a skill many of us take for granted as we continuously run […]

The power of the breath: how to relax before a race

how to relax before a race: breathing tecniques

As we all know, the breath is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to running. We’ve all been there, at the starting line, nervous, agitated, and unable to relax. Sometimes it can take a couple of miles to calm down and find your rhythm. However, there are tools that can help regulate the breath […]

Yoga poses for runners: groin (inside thigh)


Last week a reader and fellow runner requested some poses for the insides of the thighs. This area can be rather finicky and prone to tightness. If you’ve ever pulled your groin you also know that it can take forever to heal. Best to take care of it while you’re healthy with these poses and […]

Yoga for runners: hips


It wasn’t until I was going through all the Yoga for Runners posts that I realized there is one glaring omission — hips! Hips are often the tightest spot on runners and one of the areas runners complain about most. It’s crazy that I haven’t offered up some poses to alleviate tension and tightness in […]

Yoga poses for runners: heart


As the cooler weather rolls in, many of us begin to find ourselves retreating inside, literally and figuratively. To protect against the cold, we draw our shoulders toward our ears, hunch forward, and cross our arms over our chest area. All of these are natural movements as we face colder weather but they leave us […]