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Natural healing: Turmeric

Natural Healing: Turmeric

In our 2015 food trend article we mentioned turmeric. Turmeric is a tasty plant that adds flavor to your meals – and has some amazing healing properties. Turmeric is a root from the ginger family. It can be found in your spice aisle or in  root form in your produce section. Turmeric has been used for […]

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

Tired? 8 quick ways to boost your energy TODAY

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Have you fallen back into your old habits? Does the enthusiasm of the holidays seem to have faded? Yeah, me too. As we slip back into the normal flow of work, home, family, exercise, etc. your energy may feel like it’s plummeted. Here are small changes you can make […]

Omega-3 basics for athletes

The benefits of omega 3s for athletes

You’ve probably heard by now Omega-3s are important for living a healthy life. But what exactly are these fatty acids, what do they do, and do you need to eat fish to get your fill? What are Omega-3s? Simply put, Omega-3 fatty acid is an unsaturated fatty acid occurring chiefly in fish oils. They have shown to […]

Painkillers and running: do they mix?

Pain killers and running: do they mix?

“No pain, no gain.” That’s how the saying goes. In part it’s true. If you want to become a better runner you have to push past your comfort zone – which hurts! (Of course, it’s not a good idea to run through all types of pain. Read more here.) Running through discomfort is easier said […]

Natural healing: peppermint

Natural healing: peppermint

At this time of year, there’s a good chance at least half of you are currently eating or drinking something with peppermint. Peppermint comes from a mixture of the spearmint and watermint and can be found in several varieties including fresh from your garden or produce section, as an edible oil capsule, as a dried tea, […]

Running may be bad for your teeth

Running may be bad for your teeth.

According to a study published in June by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, the harder people workout, the less saliva they produce and the salvia they do produce has a high PH balance. Both of these scenarios are bad for tooth and gum health. While this particular study was small – it […]

Common skin problems in runners

Common skin ailments runners face

For all the good running can do for your body, it can wreck havoc on your skin. From dryness to chafing, blisters to acne, a good workout can mean bad news for your skin. Today we’ve rounded up some of the most common skin ailments for runners and how to avoid them. ACNE The cause: Excess […]

Natural healing, Thanksgiving edition: cranberries

Health and healing benefits of cranberries

Happy almost Thanksgiving! As you think about the stuffing, gravy and turkey you’ll be eating on Thursday, don’t forget about one of the most powerful foods on your table, cranberries. Cranberries tend to be neglected for most of the year until suddenly around the holidays they show up in an unnatural form of can mold. […]

Natural healing: cinnamon

Natural healing: cinnamon

Cinnamon. This warming, delicious, comforting spice is omnipresent in the fall – from pumpkin muffins to apple pies to PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes). And the spice does more than just tickle your tastebuds. It also has many health benefits. Cinnamon … … is anti-microbial: Cinnamon has been studied for its anti-microbial effects on the body. What does this mean? It can help slow […]

Are you addicted to running?

are you addicted to running?

We’ve all gotten ragged on by our non-runner friends, “you’re still running? You run how far? What’s wrong with you? It sounds like you’re addicted to those endorphins.” While comments like these are usually said in jest, it is possible to become addicted to running. Exercise addiction is no laughing matter, though. It’s just as […]