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Recipes: Post long run dinners for every hemisphere

Shrimp and white bean stew

After a long run where you have really depleted your system and need to refill your energy tanks, a good meal that is both satisfying and tastes great is essential to your recovery. What you eat depends on the season: after a long run in the summer, you crave something drastically different than the same […]

Pre-race meal: fish and vegetables


My fueling before a long run (12+ miles) or a race – usually a half marathon – is a bit different than what most runners may use but through trial and error I have discovered this is what works for me. Fueling for an early morning race (usually 8 a.m.) means a hearty dinner usually […]

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

I love food but I don’t usually hand-source all of the ingredients for my meals from various bakers, cheesemongers, and charcuteries. But my pre-race meal is a ritual, and it involves nearly all of those things. It starts on a highly-trafficked street market in Amsterdam’s equivalent of the Latin Quarter. The Albert Cuyp market is […]

Pre-race meal: breakfast, for dinner

Pre-race meal: breakfast dinner

The morning of a race, I keep things simple – I mean a Clif Bar and a banana simple. I don’t even mess around with coffee. The night before though, instead of a heaping bowl of pasta, I fill up on what might typically seem like breakfast food, for dinner. Some of my choices include: Whole wheat pancakes […]

Why do I smell ammonia after a run?

The effects of running on testosterone levels in men

I first noticed a strong ammonia-like smell in my nose after long, hard runs – more than 75 minutes – in warm conditions. Naturally, I asked my wife if she could smell it, too, but she couldn’t. It was all in my nose. I decided to investigate. Turns out, I was running too hard for my current fuel […]

Recipe: grain-free chocolate and nut granola

Granola recipe that's grain-free, paleo-friendly with chocolate and nuts

It takes a lot for me to turn on my oven. I am a notoriously lazy cook, and anything that takes longer than 15 minutes to get onto my plate is usually just too much of a hassle. And of all the things one might possibly make in an oven, making granola was certainly not […]

Recipe: summer berry-cherry smoothie

Recipe: summer berry smoothie

This summer, my husband and I vowed to drink more smoothies. We live at high altitude and the combination of thin air, heat and working out can cause some serious dehydration. Smoothies felt like the perfect remedy. Two days after we made this vow, our blender broke, of course. I only mention this as an […]

I’m supposed to run but … I ate too much. What do I do? (practical running advice)

THE PROBLEM: You had good intentions to wake up with the sun and get your long run in before meeting your family for brunch. But you hit snooze, then hit again… and again. Then you’ve realized that you’ve hit snooze too many times so that you don’t have enough time to run before you head out […]

How to add protein to your smoothies without the powder

Beyond powder: 8 ways to add protein to your smoothies

Protein powders and shakes are costly, aren’t they? They also taste sort of, well, artificial. But there are plenty of whole food smoothie recipes out there that get their protein from other sources so you can save your dollars for that fall half marathon registration. Here’s a comprehensive list of awesome recipes to try this morning […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia: seven recipes with chia seeds

Seven recipes that use chia seeds.

When I was young, I used to love those chia pet commercials. Who knew all these years later, I’d be downing the seeds for my health? Chia seeds have tons of nutrients and antioxidants with very few calories. They’re a great source of omega-3s and even have the power to fuel your workout as much as […]