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Fuel your day with delicious & nutritious breakfast cookies

10 healthy breakfast cookie recipes for runners

Yes. You read the title right. Breakfast cookies can be healthy, nutritious, and delicious at the same time. Here are 10 amazing breakfast cookie recipes you can make now for healthy morning munching later. Gluten Free Cranberry: These Cranberry Harvest Breakfast Cookies are gluten-free and delicious. Combine rolled oats, coconut flakes, flax meal, almonds, cranberries, bananas, […]

8 fast (and healthy) dinners for busy runners

Fast and healthy dinner recipes for runners

When life gets hectic, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table can be a challenge, and we can find ourselves once again feasting on fast or frozen foods. But dinner doesn’t have to be a headache – or a big production. All it takes is a little planning and one of these eight amazingly quick-to-prepare recipes. […]

10 super healthy super bowl recipes

After writing up that calorie guide to the Super Bowl, I thought some healthy suggestions were in order. Of course, I’m all for indulging in the good stuff whenever possible. My favorite situation happens when tasty and healthy collide into new snacks and treats I want to make again and again. So, rethink your game […]

Popular Super Bowl foods by calories and miles


Did you know Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second largest consumption day next to Thanksgiving? This probably comes as a surprise to very few of you as you’re planning your game day menus of dips, chips, and drinks. #football Here’s how many miles you’ll need to run to burn off these popular snacks and treats. […]

Five food trends for 2015

5 food trends in 2015

With the New Year in full swing the newest food trends are also starting to emerge. If 2014 was the year of kale (or was it bacon), then what’s next? Well, after a little research, here’s what I discovered are popular trends for the New Year. Cauliflower: Some are calling cauliflower the new kale. Cauliflower […]

Fruit spotlight: pomegranates

All about pomegranates: a winter fruit

I was sick for more than a week with what started as a sore throat and morphed into laryngitis. By now, I’m feeling much better, though I don’t have a voice. I’m tired, though, and I definitely feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. During the winter months, whole foods become increasingly important for helping […]

Hearty slow-cooker dinner recipes for runners

In the winter, my favorite kitchen appliance is the slow-cooker. It wins hands down. Even though the total number of hours in the day are the same in the winter as summer, the fewer hours of daylight make it feel like it’s harder to cross off everything on my “to do” list – including cook dinner. […]

Recipe: lemon ginger cookies (vegan)

Recipe: vegan lemon ginger cookies

Hopefully you aren’t all cookie’d out yet because these are seriously tasty. These cookies are bright, fresh, and taste of the season. I made them vegan and you could probably swap out the flour for a gluten-free version but I haven’t personally tried it. Adding the lemon juice, lemon zest, and candied ginger makes the […]

7 healthy slow cooker breakfasts

Healthy slow cooker breakfast recipes

Slow cooking is totally my jam in the winter months. I usually make up soups and stews for lunch and dinner. Lately, though, I’ve been loving breakfasts simmered in my crock pot. Sure, if you Google or type in “slow cooker breakfast” into Pinterest, you’re going to find a gazillion incredibly decadent recipes for cinnamon […]

Our 2014 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe round-up

20 vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving: Round-up 2014

I can’t believe we’re right up against Thanksgiving again. This year slipped away didn’t it? If you’re like me and surprised that Thanksgiving a few days away, you probably haven’t thought much about what to make for the big day or you’re planning on the same old same old. Either way, if you’re looking for […]