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Fruit spotlight: pomegranates

All about pomegranates: a winter fruit

I was sick for more than a week with what started as a sore throat and morphed into laryngitis. By now, I’m feeling much better, though I don’t have a voice. I’m tired, though, and I definitely feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. During the winter months, whole foods become increasingly important for helping […]

Fruit spotlight: (canned + fresh) tomatoes

All about tomatoes: recipes + nutrition facts

By this time of year, our CSA share is wrapping up for the season and we’re starting to rely more on canned foods and what we’ve preserved in our freezer. Tomatoes – canned especially – are a big part of our diet in the cold months, and for good reason. They contain one of the best sources […]

Fruit Spotlight: Blueberries

Fruit spotlight: blueberries. Health benefits of this powerful fruit and blueberry recipes.

Blueberries are in-season now and ripe for the picking. Not only are these bite-sized fruits delicious to eat, but they’re also packed with good-for-you antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power that runners need to keep their bodies happy. It’s no wonder Americans went from eating 283 million pounds annually in 1995 to over more than million pounds […]

Fruit spotlight: cucumbers

About and recipes with cucumbers - a hydrating, nutritious fruit

There are few foods more refreshing than cucumbers. Especially during summer, the crisp, cool flavor and high moisture content make cucumbers both irresistible and smart for snacking. Cucumbers are more than 95 percent water – all while being low in calories and big on fresh taste. In addition, cucumbers are an excellent source of fiber. Since […]

Fruit spotlight: avocado

Fruit spotlight on avocados | about and recipes for runners

Healthy fats. Avocados have them in spades. But did you know that avocados also have 20 key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin E, and choline? They are a power-packed superfood – and one you should certainly consider adding to your diet if you aren’t eating them already. Another amazing benefit of avocados is that they are […]

Fruit Spotlight: Watermelon

Fruit spotlight: watermelon

Watermelon is back in season. This time of year, they’re sweet, juicy and utterly delicious. Nothing beats an ice cold piece of watermelon on a hot day. However, it turns out that watermelon is more than just a tasty summer snack; it can actually benefit you post run. Rehydration: Hydrate post-workout with a few cups […]

Vegetable spotlight: spinach


Popeye was right to be enthusiastic about his consumption of spinach. Thing is, we’re now overloaded with our superfood options, and kale is usually the clear winner when choosing a dark, leafy green. Go back to basics with the shunned spinach from your childhood. For one, it’s an excellent source of iron, which can easily […]

Vegetable spotlight: beets

Vegetable spotlight: beets | recipes and nutrition facts

I only recently started incorporating beets into my diet on the regular. I used to think they were far too messy to cook with and not worth all the effort. Then I roasted my first batch and got completely hooked on their earthy, sweet flavor. Beets aren’t just good for walkers, joggers, and runners – […]

Vegetable spotlight: Brussels sprouts


We’ve been conditioned to think of certain vegetables as the ultimate in yucky foods. Whenever an example of some “gross” vegetable is brought up in a cartoon, movie, or even in a book, the poor Brussels sprouts almost always get the bad reputation. Well, runners, joggers, and walkers, no more! It’s time to give these […]

Veggie spotlight: cauliflower


I’m relatively new to the cauliflower craze. It seems to go along with the ever-prolific Paleo diet, which I don’t know much about otherwise. Whether part of a craze or not, it’s a great substitute for potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza crust, and even as a dish on its own. My favorite way to eat cauliflower? […]