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Natural healing: apple cider vinegar


As athletes, we all run into sports injuries and ailments while training, from swollen ankles to chaffing, athletes foot to sunburns. In this new series we will explore some of the natural ways we can help heal what ails us. As always, make sure you check with your doctor before starting any type of regimen.  […]

Natural healing: anti-inflammatory cabbage compress


We’ve talked some about the nutritional benefits of cabbage in the past. It is high in nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. It also makes for a delicious addition to stir fry and salads. But what you probably don’t know is that cabbage can also be used externally to treat injuries. Yes […]

Help for IT Band pain

it band pain

One of the most common runner injury complaints has to do with the IT band. Whether pain presents first in the knee or hip — or somewhere in between — the injury can take time to manage and heal. If you are experiencing severe, pointed pain, the inflammation has likely become acute. Time off your […]

Six simple ways to stay injury-free


A runner’s worst enemy isn’t the weather, a solo long run, the ruthless competition, or even a missed PR. The one thing that every runner fears is being sidelined from running due to an injury. Yes, the dreaded “i” word. No one wants to be injured, but few of us do everything in our power […]

7 ways to avoid overtraining and burnout

mental transition from winter to spring runningmental transition from winter to spring runningmental transition from winter to spring running

They say there’s a thin line between passion and obsession. And it can be easy for runners to cross that line – especially when training for a big race. It can be hard to trust training plans. So we look for ways to improve upon it. Maybe we push the pace a little harder on […]

Running injuries: Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis


For the past 9 months, I’ve battled plantar fasciitis in both feet. When it first happened, my right foot hurt so badly I couldn’t walk for 3 days. For those of you unaware of what plantar fasciitis is, lucky you! The plantar fascia is a band of tissue that runs along the sole of your […]

Why muscle cramps happen — and how to prevent them


Most runners have experienced a muscle cramp or side stitch during a run or worse – mid-race. In fact, 4 in 10 distance runners have had a cramp pop up in their calves, quadriceps, or hamstrings during a race. Experts aren’t positive why muscle cramps and side stitches happen. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances used to […]

The basics of pool running or aqua-jogging


A few years ago I experienced my first long-term running injury and had to take off more than 10 weeks from the sport. As you can imagine, I basically freaked out. I had just come off running my first marathon ever. Running and more running was all I had thought about for at least half […]

Coping and moving on when you can’t run


There’s going to come a time in most of our lives when we can’t run. Injury, illness, pregnancy, or other circumstances can sideline us for weeks or months. And when it happens, it can be really, really hard to deal with. However, take heart in knowing that you probably will run again – and maybe […]

Common female running problems: part two


In part one, we detailed some of the more common discomforts that affect women runners. In this part, we’ll talk about some of the more serious issues female runners deal with. Iron-deficiency anemia: If you feel especially tired, weak, dizzy, or cranky, you may be anemic. Iron-deficiency anemia occurs when you have low levels of […]