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Does Kinesio tape really work?

Does Kinesio tape work? Photo by Maria Ly, Creative Commons

If you’ve run or spectated a race in recent years, you’ve likely noticed the fluorescent strips taped on some athletes’ legs, knees, ankles, or shoulders. This special tape is called Kinesio tape (you may hear it referred to as “KT tape” but that’s just one brand) and it is used for medical reasons. Developed by […]

Recovering from an ACL injury and preventing re-injury

We recently covered the basics of an ACL injury — from why it happens to prevention techniques. This month, physical therapist Meredith Franczyk follows up with the nitty-gritty of healing, including what to expect in rehab and strength moves you can do to prevent re-injury. An ACL — anterior cruciate ligament — is one of […]

Yoga for runners: 4 reasons you should do yoga

You’ve probably experienced it before, someone mentions you need to try yoga and you find yourself feeling a mix of dread and skepticism. You’re a runner, flexibility isn’t really your thing, and you’d much rather hit the pavement than the mat. But what if there is something to this age-old practice that might improve your […]

Avoiding and treating an ACL injury

An ACL tear is a knee injury many athletes fear, one that sidelines you for several months. In this post, Dr. Nace provides tips on how to recover from an ACL injury — and how to prevent one in the first place. An injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a well-known injury to […]

The Running Injuries Corner with Dr. Nace: September

Every month, Dr. Nace will be answering a wide array of running injury questions that were submitted by people just like you! If you have an injury question for Dr. Nace that you'd like covered next month, click “Ask the Dr” at the bottom of the page. Healing an anterior ankle impingement Healing from a […]

Anyone Can Develop "Jumper's Knee"

Dr. Nace is our running injuries guest blogger. He blogs twice a month on common running injuries, and also takes questions from readers. This month his injury spotlight is on “jumper's knee.” If you have a question you'd like to ask Dr. Nace, or an injury you'd like to suggest he cover, click “Ask the […]

A new theory to runner’s knee


The knee is the most common area of the body to be injured among runners. Females are 2.2 times more likely to develop patellofemoral joint dysfunction (runner’s knee) than males. The etiology of this problem has been attributed to abnormal patellar tracking. Treatments for this problem have been patellar taping and bracing, strengthening the vastus […]

Sore knees? You may have runner’s knee

Knee pain is one of the more common symptoms experienced by runners I see at my practice. Often times the symptoms are caused by a condition called runner’s knee, something I’ve struggled with myself for years. Runner’s knee is the lay term for Chondromalacia Patella or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. It is very common among runners, […]

Why do my knees crack?

Runner Question: My name is Sophia, I’m sixteen and I’m a high school runner. I started running at the beginning of last year, starting off with a few miles a week. I started running 3 miles everyday during the summer months of 2011, and in the fall I began cross country. We run 6 days […]

Why Do My Knees Hurt When I Run Outside?

My knees sometime bother me if I run outside. What can I do to to help it? Coach Jenny: Knee pain can arise from a variety of things. Based on your comment, your knee pain may be due to the change in terrain – going from inside on a tread to outside – there is […]