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Great battery life but terrible GPS tracking!


We pride ourselves as having the most accurate GPS in the app store but with the introduction of iOS 7 a subtle change to the settings of your iPhone may be foiling our efforts! Background App refresh When Apple released iOS 7 they added a setting called background app refresh designed to keep apps up […]

WalkJogRun Updated for iOS 7 and Cadence tracking

WalkJogRun - now iOS 7 Ready

After a month of long days and nights working on the update, I’m happy to say that the update for the WalkJogRun app is available in the app store. I completely overhauled the app for iOS 7 making it easier to read (on the go), easier to use and bigger, brighter content. Here’s a quick […]

App update: what’s new in the latest version of WalkJogRun


We’re excited to bring you the latest version of WalkJogRun, which has two NEW awesome features. WalkDOGRun An update specifically for our dog runners and walkers. When it comes to running or walking partners, few two-legged pals can beat the companionship and unbridled enthusiasm of a four-legged wingman. Be it 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., […]

Training by heart rate: getting started


You’ve probably heard a lot about heart rate monitors but you may not know exactly what they are, how to use them, or why they matter. If that’s the case, you could be missing out on hitting your training and racing potential. Monitoring your heart rate during running helps you to stay within paces appropriate […]

WalkJogRun app update: bluetooth heart rate monitor integration


We’re excited to announce the WalkJogRun app is now compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors. What this means: You can track your heart rate through our app. In addition to pace and distance, every lap announcement also includes a heart rate average, letting you know if you’re training too hard or too easy. How it […]

Find your weekly mileage sweet spot

Next time you toe the line at the start of a race, survey the runners around you. Ask the runner to your left how many miles he or she ran per week leading up to the race, and then ask the runner on your right the same question. Chances are you'll get two different answers. […]

Training and traveling: putting our app's routes to the test

WalkJogRun member Kelsey Barry regularly uses our app to measure her speed and distance on runs in her hometown, but a recent trip to Spain had her putting our route feature to the test. Unfamiliar with the landscape and in need to continue her training for the Boston Marathon, she decided to plan her runs […]

75% of Runners who Skip February won't run again this year.

4,000 runners started January 2013 running. 75% of runners who skip February won't run again this year. Don't be that statistic. We'll show you how you can reboot your New Years Resolution and be part of the 38% of January runners who'll make it through February. Based on last year's training data if you make […]

Welcome Back Google Maps to WalkJogRun iPhone and iPad App!

After 3 months with Apple Maps and some great feedback from you, our customers, we decided to see if there was a way to get Google Maps back in our app. Turns out, there is!  The app update now available in the app store includes 9 different map types including 2 special additions and the […]

Training Plans and Training Diary makeover

We've been hard at work as it got colder out here in Boston working through some of our members' wishlists and we're happy to announce they're now live on the site. It's big news for triathletes, multi-sport folks and privacy concerns. Training Plans We've updated the training plans from Coach Jenny Hadfield to let you […]