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WalkJogRun App now includes an Apple Watch App


Try the new Apple Watch app for WalkJogRun. We know it sucks to have to take your phone out of an armband or pocket and unlock it to see your pace! We’ve added two simple screens for your paired Apple Watch. Get the app update. Once you start a workout on the phone, open the […]

From apps to watches, a comparison of GPS run tracking tools

WJR route

Editor’s note: This the WalkJogRun blog so of course the assumption is the WJR app will be at the top of any of our lists of “best” running apps. That said, we recognize there’s some pretty nifty competition out there and told our writer to be as impartial as possible. So while yes, the WalkJogRun app is the […]

Running in a new neighborhood

Tips for running in a new neighborhood

My family is in the process of moving. And in all the madness, my husband and I have one big concern: Learning good running routines in our new neighborhood. Already we’re discovering that the terrain – though only six miles away from our last home – is much more challenging. Sidewalks, or lack thereof, are another concern. […]

Pace Coach review by a front-of-the-pack runner + Garmin junkie


Full disclosure: I am a Garmin junkie. I jumped on the GPS bandwagon around the time Garmin released its juggernaut, the 405 cx. My goal was to supplement, not replace, my internal pace calculator. As an unplanned side-effect, I found myself constantly checking my watch, a nervous tick, a distracting habit I am actively trying […]

WalkJogRun app update: Real-time pace coach and popular routes features to Help Runners Stay on Track


We are very (VERY) excited to announce the latest version of the WalkJogRun app – a version that includes six new features and an updated user interface. What exactly makes this update so exciting? Well, for starters, we really love the real-time Pace Coach. The first of its kind in mobile running applications, this feature lets runners set a target goal pace […]

Great battery life but terrible GPS tracking!


We pride ourselves as having the most accurate GPS in the app store but with the introduction of iOS 7 a subtle change to the settings of your iPhone may be foiling our efforts! Background App refresh When Apple released iOS 7 they added a setting called background app refresh designed to keep apps up […]

WalkJogRun Updated for iOS 7 and Cadence tracking

WalkJogRun - now iOS 7 Ready

After a month of long days and nights working on the update, I’m happy to say that the update for the WalkJogRun app is available in the app store. I completely overhauled the app for iOS 7 making it easier to read (on the go), easier to use and bigger, brighter content. Here’s a quick […]

App update: what’s new in the latest version of WalkJogRun


We’re excited to bring you the latest version of WalkJogRun, which has two NEW awesome features. WalkDOGRun An update specifically for our dog runners and walkers. When it comes to running or walking partners, few two-legged pals can beat the companionship and unbridled enthusiasm of a four-legged wingman. Be it 5 a.m. or 5 p.m., […]

Training by heart rate: getting started


You’ve probably heard a lot about heart rate monitors but you may not know exactly what they are, how to use them, or why they matter. If that’s the case, you could be missing out on hitting your training and racing potential. Monitoring your heart rate during running helps you to stay within paces appropriate […]

WalkJogRun app update: bluetooth heart rate monitor integration


We’re excited to announce the WalkJogRun app is now compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors. What this means: You can track your heart rate through our app. In addition to pace and distance, every lap announcement also includes a heart rate average, letting you know if you’re training too hard or too easy. How it […]