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Run Chicago, Marine Corps, or New York City in 2014


If you want to run one of the big three fall marathons in 2014 – Chicago, Marine Corps, or New York – you may need a little bit of luck. For the first time, the Chicago and Marine Corps marathons are using a lottery system instead a “first come, first served” registration. The New York […]

8 must-do spring marathons (European edition)


A couple of weeks ago, we shared some of our favorite spring marathons in the U.S. If you live across the pond – or just need an excuse to take a European vacation – we’ve got some spring marathon suggestions for you, too. Consider the below races. (Note: we’re only highlighting races with availability. The […]

What to do about missed training runs

what to do if you miss a training run

Say you’re training for a marathon and training has been going great to date. Your paces have been on point and your long runs don’t feel too long. Then it happens. You get sick — or extra busy with work or the kids. And before you know it, you’re missing a training run (or two […]

Don’t skip your long run: tips + tricks

I love drafting training plans for upcoming races. I have a half marathon on the schedule for early October, and — though I’m a week late — I’m now getting starting with my 10 9 week plan. I have a pretty aggressive goal that I may or may not meet. Still, I will do my […]

Why am I not getting faster? 5 reasons


I remember when I first started racing. At first my goal was just to finish. But after I had a few races under my belt, I started caring about my times. That’s because with each race, minutes were coming off the clock. For the first year or so of my racing career, I came away […]

The benefits of race pace groups


Diane Walsh, 39, of Ocean City, Md. has been running nearly her whole life — with about 20 marathons under her belt. But a few years ago, she had the desire to give something back to the running community. Enter pacing. Diane saw the Air Force Marathon needed pace team leaders, so she reached out […]

Tips for post-race recovery


I’ve run a lot of races and after crossing the finish line, all I want is an ice-cold beverage. Once I get home, all I want to do is lie down and relax for the rest of the day. I’ve earned it, right? While that might be true, not recovering well after a hard run […]

Fuel your race: what to eat before running

Finding the right pre-race fuel is trial and error for many runners. While some can indulge in whatever they want — Bill Rodgers famously had a stomach of steel — others need to keep it simple and relatively boring. Not sure which category you fall? Err on the side of caution. Here are some rules […]

Ten steps for race day success

You’ve spent months preparing for it. You set your alarm clock early in order to train well for it. You turned down multiple social invitations because you had to make it your priority. Well, it is finally here. It is race day. This is the goal event you’ve been training hard for — and looking […]

How to find the right marathon training plan for beginner, intermediate, and competitive runners

Picking the right marathon training plan can be daunting. There are just so many options — how do you know which one is right for you? As with any practice, the more familiar you become with marathon running, the better able you will be to tweak your training plan. That said, here are some tips […]