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Ankle Tendonitis

I'm sat staring at the prescription from Doctor Gleason for physical therapy sessions trying to work out specifically which type of tendonitis I have in my ankle. I have to schedule my first appointment to fix the pain. Doctor Gleason said I have a form of Ankle Tendonitis and gave me some Celebrex as an […]

Awaiting an MRI

I'm grumpy because I'm still awaiting the final word about my ankle. I went to a great orthopedist at the Illinois Bone and Joint institute, Doctor Gleason who spent a lot of time discussing my injury and it was far more professional than the last time I went to a different place downtown. The last […]

Snow, pain and treadmills

As I reported Wednesday, I've got a sharp pain in my ankle so I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow to get it looked at. It got a little better on Thursday, back to the way it was on Tuesday – more of an ache than a sharp pain and I've been wearing a brace for […]


I'm really frustrated this morning. The dull ache running along my ankle turned into a sharp pain when I ran just a half mile this morning to the point that I had to walk home. This feels like the last time I fractured my ankle playing soccer.

ING Georgia Marathon

It's semi-official now – I'm planning to run the inaugural ING Georgia Marathon. I know, I know, I said I would run Arizona a while back but money was going to be too tight for a flight there. I've booked 2 nights at the Omni Hotel at the great rate of $109 per night so […]