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Peronial insertional tendonitis

I've been experiencing a sharp pain on the outside of my left foot along the bone since the marathon and I just looked today to find a potential name for my problem. Ten google searches later I found a good forum post where a runner described the same symptoms. A forum visitor responded to explain […]

Done with the San Diego Marathon!

After months of training I finished my second marathon in 5 hours and 49 seconds on Sunday June 3rd in San Diego. Anyone who has read this blog for over a year will recall that this was nearly an hour slower than my time last year in San Francisco but lets go back to the […]

Get 'er done! 20 miles complete.

I've just returned from the longest run of my training for the San Diego Marathon and I'm thrilled to report I made it all the way around with no walking. Ok, I walked the last 5 yards to and from the water fountains along the way but I got it done. That was the message […]

Wow I'm wiped and introducing Podrunner

This morning was my 14 mile run with Team in Training as part of my preparation for the San Diego marathon in June. I've been good so far with my training – since February I've missed just one actual training run although my optional cross training days have generally remained optional :-) Of the cross […]