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Best classic metal/hard rock songs for runners

Music Monday: heavy metal and hard rock playlist

I am a child of the 80s and I wasn’t one of the cool kids who listened to synth pop or early rap. I had hair to my shoulders, wore a jean jacket, and listened to old school metal and hard rock. It’s what I listened to before football games and it’s what I listen […]

Music Monday: Skip the playlist and listen to the album

Music Monday: 25 great rock and folk albums to run to

I came of age when mix-tapes were the medium for professing love and admiration. For making a statement about the world. In 80 minutes or less, you could tell a story that your words alone simply couldn’t. The order. The opening and closing notes.  The contrasts. It was all so important. The medium was an earnest form of self expression. It […]

Music Monday: a Merry Christmas run playlist


I don’t normally run with music. However, when the bulk of my runs end up being completed in darkness and frigid temperatures — or even on the, GASP!, treadmill — I find I need the extra motivation. This time of year, I even like to inject the Christmas spirit into my workouts by listening to […]

Crank up the tunes: the “best” music for running


Whether to run with music or not is a hot debate. Wearing headphones may inhibit alertness when we’re out on the roads, but hearing a playlist of our favorite tunes may be just what we need to reach a finish line. Music to our ears One thing’s for sure, though: music can have a profound […]

Music Monday: mid-run inspiration tunes


This weekend, we asked our users to share the song that’s currently inspiring them to push harder on the run (or pump it up beforehand). We combined a few of the suggestions into a playlist, which you can stream — and contribute to — here on Rdio. What song motivates you to give a little […]

Playlist: summer running had me a blast


Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer here in the U.S., but even if you’re not stateside, many of you are starting to feel the summer itch. These songs — most of which were recommended by our fans on Facebook and Twitter — are the perfect complement to your summer running. They’re fun. […]

The science behind muffin baking – and the best healthy muffin recipe

Muffins are a staple in many runners' diets. They're a quick and easy on-the-go snack, and if you pick the right ingredients, can be jam-packed with nutrients and energy. This week, The Kitchen Vixen explains the science behind the basic muffin, and how ingredients like eggs, flour, and baking powder work together. She also gives […]

Tips to safely transition from winter to spring running

While some of you may still be digging out from the latest winter storm, spring is right around the corner (we promise!). And as the snow melts and the sidewalk becomes visible again, you may get the itch to just run, run, and run some more. However, if you (like many of us) spent the […]

Music Monday: Motivational (yet cheesy) running music

This past weekend we asked our followers for motivational running music suggestions, and we encouraged them to include some cheesy options into the mix. You know, the songs you secretly love and blast full volume before or during a run but might not necessarily admit to liking. Those songs. Your suggestions — both the cheesy […]