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From 0 to 26.2: How one man finds a healthy niche in marathon running

Greg Bruno wouldn't have believed you if you told him he would be running a marathon a year ago. His father, an avid marathon runner, called him from the Chicago Marathon expo in 2010 and told Greg he was going to run the Chicago Marathon in 2011. Greg had only just started doing a few […]

Fit before 50: One mans weight loss and fitness journey

Many of us have been fitness addicts for years. However, for Niall Young of Derby, England, fitness was not always something that made the top of the to-do list. Many of us have different aspects of life holding us back from living a healthy lifestyle. Whether that is a full-time job, lack of motivation, or […]

WalkJogRun User Shares How She Lost 100 lbs. in One Year!

The following inspirational story is from Angela, one of our WalkJogRun fans, who made a lifestyle change to help her lose 100 pounds in just one year: I walked jogged and ran my way to lose 100 pounds in a year! It's never too late to lose weight- that was the most important thing I […]