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Expert Q&A: Planning your 2016 racing calendar

Setting goals: big and small

The 2016 racing season is right around the corner! To help you plan and organize your running goals, we talked to two running coaches – Jason Saltmarsh from North Hampton, NH and Albert Dell’Apa from Toronto, Canada – about the pros and cons of big goals vs. mini goals and why most runners would benefit from both. What are the pros and […]

My first run: WJR writer Varia Makagonova

My First Run: Varia

This is an installment of an on-going series called “My First Run”. You can read more here and submit your first run story here.  Growing up, there was nothing I hated more than running. I loved dancing, rollerblading, long walks, hiking – but running was associated with angry gym teachers and grinding out circles around […]

Stop and take a picture on your run. It’ll last longer.

Why you should definitely take the photo on your run

I love to take photos during my runs. Especially in the fall, running paths can be extremely beautiful – with the colorful leaves and the sunsets making for perfect Instagram-able scenes. But every time I stop to capture such a moment, I can’t help but notice other runners around me giving me the side-eye. “You can’t be […]

Best classic metal/hard rock songs for runners

Music Monday: heavy metal and hard rock playlist

I am a child of the 80s and I wasn’t one of the cool kids who listened to synth pop or early rap. I had hair to my shoulders, wore a jean jacket, and listened to old school metal and hard rock. It’s what I listened to before football games and it’s what I listen […]

How to deal with the mean voice in your head

don't let the negativity takeover

As runners we are constantly critical of – and in competition with – ourselves, and it can easily lead to negative, unproductive self-talk. Those demons in your head can take a toll on your motivation, and as a result, your performance – which can lead to you being more self-critical. Here are some tips for battling that little […]

Runner’s column: why I don’t want to run a marathon

Runner's Column: why I don't want to run a marathon

The question I continually get from my running and non-running friends when discussing races and distance training is always the same: When are you running a marathon? And my answer has slowly migrated into a very confident zone: Not soon and maybe not ever. For some runners, this may seem sacrilegious. The marathon for any distance […]

My First Run: Adrian Spurrell

My first run: Adrian Spurrell

We all remember our first. Our first run, that is. We recently asked our readers to share stories from the first time they laced up their sneaks and hit the streets  (or treadmill or trails). Below Patricia Hensley shares her story. Want to submit yours? Email us! I didn’t used to run – I was a swimmer. My […]

Get your mojo back: how to make running fun again

When you just don't want to run

We all have those weeks or months when lacing up our running shoes seems impossible, pointless, or just not very much fun. Running is a sport that requires consistency, patience, and perseverance, and that can get frustrating – even though, deep down, we love it. Sometimes even if you get yourself out of the door, […]

Accomplish your health goals through gamification

Use the gamer strategy to accomplish health goals

We all have something that holds us back on our path to optimal health and performance. It might be a persistent injury, a crazy busy lifestyle, a general lack of motivation, or any combination of things – but the point is, each one of us has something we wish we could tackle so we can […]

The pitfalls of signing up for a race as motivation (and how to avoid them)

The pitfalls of signing up for a race for motivation (and how to avoid them)

“Sign up for a race!” is a common piece of advice offered to newbie runners who want to make running a habit or for those who’ve been off for a few weeks or months and are looking for the motivation to get started again. On the surface, this seems like a perfectly reasonable choice. Having something to train […]