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Race Recap: Pete Keyes Turkey Trot

Pete Keyes Turkey Trot Recap

If any of you follow my blog, you might know I’m trying to get pregnant. Why is this relevant? Well, my running has taken a back seat in recent months. In fact, I haven’t raced since the Women’s Distance Festival in August. As far as running fast or far? It hasn’t been happening much. So, […]

Race Recap: Charlotte Southpark 8K Turkey Trot

Charlotte Southpark 8K

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot. It’s a big race in Charlotte, N.C. held on Thanksgiving morning, and it features an 8K, 5K, 1-mile fun run, and tot trot. My husband and I have ran the 8k every year since we moved to Charlotte except for the year my […]

Race recap: Cortland YMCA Leaf Peeper Half Marathon

Skipping the big race for the local race

For 10 weeks, I trained for the Runner’s World Half Marathon. I chose a challenging plan. Followed it close. And spent two days a week on the track. I clocked mile repeats at 5K pace, 800s at 2-mile pace, 400s at mile pace, and so on. Early in the plan, I set PRs in the 5K, 1 mile,and […]

Women’s Distance Festival 5K recap

Race Recap: Women's Distance Festival 5K

Do you have a race nemesis? A distance that just gets under your skin? For me, it’s those dastardly 5Ks. I run very few races these days, but I always try to get in my favorite 5K of the year — the Women’s Distance Festival — because it’s an awesome celebration of women’s running. This year, my […]

My first race back: July 4th Spectacular 4-miler

First race back after pregnancy

It has been a long time since I ran my heart out. One full year to be exact. I ran the July 4th Spectacular 4-miler in Charlotte, N.C. for the past 5 years. Last year (here’s my 2013 recap of the race) was the last time I truly raced all out because I got pregnant […]

Race recap: Laurel Festival 10K (and win)

Race recap: Laurel Festival 10K

I’ve laced up to the start of more than 50 races – big and small – in my lifetime. I’ve come in first in my age group locally and usually fall somewhere in the upper third of runners whenever we’re away from home. So, when I signed up to run the Laurel Festival 10K in my hometown last weekend, I […]

Race recap: Bridge Run Half Marathon (front-of-the-pack)

The few from the front. A race recap from a super speedy front-of-the-pack runner.

A few weeks ago, I ran in the fourth annual Binghamton Bridge Run Half Marathon, the capstone race of my spring season. The course gets its name from the six bridge crossings along its scenic miles that snake through the downtown, historic district, and beautiful west side of Binghamton, N.Y. It starts and ends at […]

Race recap: Bridge Run Half Marathon


I had a lot of feelings going into my half marathon – The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run – the last weekend. I ran this same race last year and had 2-minute PR. It’s a hometown race, so there’s a lot of pride involved. Heck, the course even meanders right past my home. I train the […]

Race Report: Forks 15K

15K race report

Now that Stephen and I race more locally, we tend to hit the same events every year — and it’s a great way to track our training progress. In fact, racing close to home means you get to sleep in your own bed, stress less, know your competition, train the course, and likely have your […]

St. Patrick’s 4-miler race report


This weekend marked the first event of spring racing season (I know, it’s not actually spring yet, but it starts with this race up where we live!). With all my slow slogging this winter, I didn’t have much confidence in my ability to PR at this weekend’s 4-miler. At the same time, I was curious […]