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Music Monday: Motivational (yet cheesy) running music

This past weekend we asked our followers for motivational running music suggestions, and we encouraged them to include some cheesy options into the mix. You know, the songs you secretly love and blast full volume before or during a run but might not necessarily admit to liking. Those songs. Your suggestions — both the cheesy […]

Running with Armbands

I recently went for my first run with an armband. I believe there are benefits to running with an armband and also without one. In this post I review the Adidas armband I used, and also share my thoughts on armband running. Running without an armband This week was the very first time I tried […]

Fitness DVD Review: Yoga for Beginners with Patricia Walden by GAIAM

When I work out, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to sweat. I've tried Bikram Yoga in the past with a friend. I'm not sure it's for me because I could never stop focusing on the fact that I was in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40.6 degrees Celsius), with sweat dripping […]

What's in a Marathon Goodie Bag?

Each year hundreds of companies and organizations spend a ton of money advertising in race goodie bags. I decided to share exactly what I got from my Chicago Marathon goodie bag. There were a ton of pamphlets in my goodie bag. There were a lot in there that advertised particular races. This may be a […]

Data comparison of Garmin 305 and Garmin Forerunner 610

As a treat for my PR in the Wisconsin marathon 12 days ago I bought myself the Garmin Forerunner 610 to replace my trusty 5 year old Garmin Forerunner 305. I was looking forward to wearing a watch vs a brick, reduced heart rate spikes and more fun, not to mention the 305 “menu” button […]

Product Review: Brooks Nightlife Jacket

The Brooks Nightlife Jacket is one of the greatest purchases I've made for my runninng wardrobe. First, the 360 degree of candle power retroreflectivity will help ensure your visiblity when exercising outdoors in low-light conditions. It's availalbe in both neon yellow, which I have, and black with neon yellow accents. Now that the sun sets […]

Avoid the Belkin sport armband for iPhone

Having discovered the Nike+ app on my iPhone last week I ordered a new Nike+ sensor for my shoe (the old one had cracked somehow), and ordered the Belkin Sport Armband for iPhone from Amazon. I'm sad to say I threw out the packaging so I can't return it. What can you do? I wrote […]

Using the iPhone 3GS with the Nike+ sensor

I've owned the foot sensor for some time but not run with my iPod Nano in quite a while. I do like to run with my phone just from a safety standpoint so the Nike+ integration was an exciting development. Despite having our own iPhone app I was keen to see how the Nike+ piece […]

1,000 miles logged with the iPod Nano

Woohoo! 393 miles in 2008 so far and the rest since June 2006 means I'm a member of Nike's 1000 miler club.

Sweet Temptation

Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought my new Nike Air Structure Triax 10 running shoes and some other bits and pieces. The running shoes are now in yellow and black, an upgrade from the red and black accents in the last pair. Super Feet have also released gender specific orthotic inserts so I bought […]