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Runner of the Week: Meet Steve Coffey


Where are you located? Bransgore, near Bournemouth, England Tell us about yourself I work for a children’s charity that works to get children out of orphanages and into families. I’m dad to 2 (very soon to be 3) kids. I love football, being outdoors and on/in water, and running How did you get started running? […]

Runner of the week: Meet Allison Bates


This week we meet Allison Bates — a mom to (soon-to-be) 2-year-old twins who is currently training for a marathon. And as if training for a marathon isn’t challenging enough, Allison often has the twins with her in a jogging stroller. Way to go, Allison! Where are you located? Gilberts, Illinois (Western Chicago Suburb) Tell […]

Runner of the Week: ‘Toenails are so overrated’


This week we meet Lori Barbely, a travel and wedding photographer who also blogs at Toenails Are So Overrated. Through the years, Lori has completed several half marathons, including one two months after having surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Read her inspiring story. Where are you located? Orlando, Florida Tell us about yourself: Currently single, […]

Runner of the week: from "Gorda" to elite marathoner

This week’s runner of the week, Erika Huerta, lost 80 pounds and is now training for the Olympic Trials. Here is her incredible transformation story: I never considered myself much of an athlete. As a matter of fact, early on in life I wasn’t proficient in any kind of physical activity except eating. As a […]

Runner of the week: meet Bret Spears

This week's runner of the week is a father of four from Las Vegas who fell in love with running back in high school. These days he's trying to see how competitive he can be in the master's division. Tell us about yourself I am a 42 father of 4, originally from Colorado but living […]

Bouncing back from injury: one runner's comeback story

Sticking with an exercise routine can be anything but easy. If anyone knows that, it's WalkJogRun user Jason Schmitt, 42, of Clearwater, Fla. This busy father of three (with a fourth on the way) has fallen off the running bandwagon a few times — and it caused him quite the health scare. Schmitt began his […]

Runner of the week: meet Beth Barbara

Nothing inspires us more than hearing other runners' stories. This week, we hear from Beth, a writer who recently started running again to lose weight. In the process, she has discovered a new level of confidence. Where are you located?

Yo-yo dieter grabbed by the running bug loses 42 lbs

Runner of the week Denise E. describes how a combination of slimming world, running and under-active thyroid medication helped her lose 3 stone (42 lbs). Favorite Candy Cadbury creme eggs (notice the plural lol) Favorite Quote If life deals you lemons, make lemonade Location Redditch, UK WalkJogRun Tell us about yourself! I am 38 years […]

Runner vs. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Can you imagine a 24/7 hangover with all the trimmings? Runner of the week Jen L. is on the road to recovery from a debilitating medical condition affecting one to two people out of every thousand. Favorite Candy: Cadbury's Wispa bar Favorite Quote: “It's not what happens to you, it's how you deal with it […]

Runner of the Week: Matt B.

This week's runner of the week is Matt B. from Greenville, South Carolina. Matt is a husband and father of two children who works from home. Running acts as his time of peace and solitude. In his spare time, Matt enjoys doing a lot of charity outreach. Favorite Candy: Snickers or peanut butter M&Ms. Favorite […]