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Runner’s Column: time to be thankful

Rob Haneisen and his son Isaac, 10, high-five before their races on October 31 in Ashland, Mass.

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times of the year for running. Nearly every community has a 5K (or longer) turkey trot either on the actual holiday or in the weekends that frame it. Many of these races raise money for charities and local scholarship funds. The first race I ever ran in was […]

Runner’s column: why I don’t want to run a marathon

Runner's Column: why I don't want to run a marathon

The question I continually get from my running and non-running friends when discussing races and distance training is always the same: When are you running a marathon? And my answer has slowly migrated into a very confident zone: Not soon and maybe not ever. For some runners, this may seem sacrilegious. The marathon for any distance […]

Runner’s Column: Compromise in the one-runner household

Compromise in the one-runner household

One of my wife’s co-workers once joked I did not have hobbies or interests – I moved from one obsession to another. Running can become an all-encompassing pursuit where you never really are done. You can always try to go faster and longer because the reality is if you truly dedicate yourself and push yourself […]

Runner’s column: When the excuses come, you must run

Running is hard enough, but staying committed to running is where the real test is.

I almost didn’t run tonight. I had excuses that could have made sense. On this night – Aug. 4, 2015 – my ride home from work took an extra 15 minutes, stretching way past an hour in the car, my head swimming with the question about running. I knew technically the region would still be […]

Runner’s Column: pregnancy, recovery, and running

Runner's column: pregnancy, recovery, and running

Our writer Lisa Chase gave birth to her daughter this past spring. We’re beyond excited for her and her family (though we have missed her words of wisdom around these parts!) Below she shares her experience on pregnancy, recovery, and how having a baby changed her relationship with – and views on – running.  When I found […]

20 ways to spot a runner in the wild

20 ways to spot a runner

More people are running marathons now than in any time in history; up from 507,000 in 2010  to 550,637 today. The numbers have been on a meteoric rise since the early 2000s. Moreover, the couch to 5K and beyond mentality has and continues to spread like the common cold. Here’s a tell-tale guide to help you […]

There’s only one way to the finish line: by completing the race (Runner’s column)

it takes the art of restraint to both start and finish well.

The cast of characters behind the scenes of the Rockstar’s 2011 game of the year, Red Dead Redemption, rivals those behind the scenes of a Hollywood blockbuster. Video games are art. We aren’t going to debate this. But this form of art may not hold the same stock in an increasingly busy world. Social media platform, Raptr, studied more than […]

Runner’s Column: Why I’ll keep running no matter what

Runner's Column: Why I'll keep Running No Matter What

Earlier this month, an incredibly sad story popped up all over my social media feeds: Amanda Peake Glover, a mother of four, tragically passed away after completing the Palmetto half marathon. At this time, it is not known why she passed away. Glover’s family is in our thoughts and prayers. This story hit close to home. […]

Outside looking in: what happens when a serious runner takes a break from serious running

Outside looking in: what happens when a serious runner takes a break from serious running

My cross country coaches taught me success comes from consistency. Day after day; week after week; month after month; year after year. I believe it. Practice it. Reap its benefits. It’s a mountain climb. Cliche, yes, but apt. You can measure it in steps, feet, miles, even experiences. Looking back, you can see how far you’ve traveled. But with […]

Runner’s Column: gaining a sense of control over good vs. evil


Growing up, I had a fond fascination with the creepy, the crawly, the scaly and the macabre. I can’t blame my dad for feeding my mind with cheesy 80s creature features. Pirannah, Alligator, Critters, Godzilla … they all ended the same way, too. Some hero or anti-hero saved the girl, the family, the town, the world, and defeated the […]