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From apps to watches, a comparison of GPS run tracking tools

WJR route

Editor’s note: This the WalkJogRun blog so of course the assumption is the WJR app will be at the top of any of our lists of “best” running apps. That said, we recognize there’s some pretty nifty competition out there and told our writer to be as impartial as possible. So while yes, the WalkJogRun app is the […]

Protect your lips this winter with these SPF lip balms

The best SPF lip balms

I am a lip balm fiend. Like most young girls, my obsession started well before high school with a slew of colorful Bonnie Bell flavors. As I got older, it became more about function than fashion. The more running I did, the more important it became to protect my lips from the sun – especially […]

The art of matching the beat to your feet: creating the perfect running playlist

Spotify running

Lots of runners rely on music for their workouts but creating the perfect playlist to match your speed, gait, and style can be a challenge. If the tempo is slightly too slow or fast, it can be difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing. And since no two runners are alike, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all playlist recipe. Luckily there […]

Keep your running clothes smelling like new, run after run

Gifts for the female runner

Modern running gear with all of its new-age synthetic fabrics is made to last. Many shoes, shorts, and shirts are also have anti-microbial coatings to deter bacteria and their associated stink. But all of that is irrelevant if you don’t take care of your running clothes the right way. Here’s how to keep your clothes smelling so fresh […]

8 super cool running and fitness gadgets

8 running and fitness gadgets

Gadgets. I know I love them. You know you love them. And when you can find something that has the power to enhance or improve your running performance, why not try it out? Here are eight of the newer gadgets on the block related to running and fitness. If you’ve seen something else that’s super […]

Rules to follow when selecting non-running shoes

Rules to follow when selecting non-running shoes

We runners put a lot of time and effort into finding our perfect running shoe. My foot changed with my most recent pregnancy, and my Brooks Adrenalines weren’t cutting it anymore. I went to a local running store to be re-fitted for shoes. After more than an hour, a lot of running around the store, […]

Gift Guide for Runners 2014

This year, we’re compiling our picks for the perfect gifts for runners on Pinterest. Check out and follow our board here.  We’ll be updating it throughout the season! Need more ideas? See our gift guides: Stocking Stuffers Women Men Beginners Hardcore Fitness Enthusiasts Parents Dogs

Gear for running in cold weather

Cold weather running gear for men and women

 Last winter, much of the U.S. experienced record low temperatures. This “polar vortex” caught me completely off guard and sent me running for the treadmill. I’ve vowed to run outdoors as much as possible this winter, no matter how low the temperatures drop. This time I’ll be prepared to run in the cold, though. Here are […]

Things you’ll want at the start (and finish) of a marathon

Gear Check: What to Pack for Race Day

When I ran my first marathon, I made a big mistake – I didn’t pack another pair of shoes in my gear check bag. After pounding the pavement in my running shoes for 26.2 miles, I wanted them off of my feet – stat! Unfortunately, it was close to another two hours before I arrived […]

Illuminate the night: running gear for the dark

Illuminate the night: gear for running in the dark

Most of us choose running gear based on three factors: comfort, cost, and appearance. While it’s a nice perk to look cute when out on a run, the appearance factor takes on a whole new meaning when running in the dark. Bright colors, reflective gear, and/ or illumination devices are essential for running in the […]