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Why you might be tired


Do you find yourself dragging to get through the day? Tired beyond tired? And workouts: They’re impossible! It’s difficult when the weather gets nice to not have that natural spring in our steps. Even the best of us find ourselves in an energy rut from time to time. So, it’s important to pinpoint the underlying […]

6 things I wish I knew when I first started running

things I wish I knew as a beginner running

I’ve been distance running for eleven years now – more than a third of my life! Over the past decade I’ve learned a lot about running – and myself – through reading countless running publications, talking to runner friends, and through my own experience. The start of my running days seem like an eternity ago, […]

Take a break from running to rest, recover, and recharge

take a break from running

We write a lot about logging miles on WalkJogRun, but do you ever purposefully skip running without being sick, tired, or injured? Some of you might be thinking: Why would I want to do that? I LOVE running! However, you might be surprised to learn I certainly take solid breaks, and I didn’t realize I […]

Tips for late afternoon or evening runner

Tips for evening and afternoon runners

Now that the time has changed and the sun is out later into the evenings, I feel I’m in my running prime. I have always preferred running late in the day – who’s with me on this? I use to feel like there weren’t too many of us (most of my friends prefer early morning […]

Running with sunglasses: 101

Sunglasses for runners

There are two items I never leave without when heading out for a run: my running shoes and sunglasses. Yes, I wear shades in all weather conditions and couldn’t imagine running without them. Why you need to wear sunglasses A good pair of sunglasses do more than just keep you from squinting outside. They also […]

How to start running (again)

make your running comeback: how to start running again after a break

I’m a few weeks away from having my baby, and am extremely fortunate to still be running. But my walking breaks are getting longer and happening more often, so I have a feeling my pregnancy running career is coming to an end pretty soon. Even if I’m able to run right up until the big […]

Afternoon or evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

Afternoon/evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

I’m not a morning runner by any means. However, I find what I do in the AM hours certainly has an impact on any running I might want to complete in a given day. In fact, it can make or break my workouts. With that in mind, here are five easy things I try to […]

Am I too slow to be a runner?


“Have you run Boston?” It seems like an innocent question. In fact, it’s one of the first questions people ask me after I tell them I’m a runner. I always reply the same way, “no, I haven’t, but I’d love to.” But what I’m really thinking is, “no, I’m way too slow and will probably […]

Study: more support for training plans

why you need a training plan

Whether you’re training for your first race or your fiftieth, following a training plan is a must. Training plans get us ready for race day. They ensure we’re not only physically prepared, but mentally ready as well. Plus, following a tried-and-true training plan may also reduce the risk for injury and burnout. Study: what happens […]

Spring cleaning for runners

spring cleaning for runners

After a very long and cold winter, spring is finally right around the corner. If you’re like me, you look at spring as a fresh start – a time of renewal. My husband and I set aside time each year to give our home a thorough spring cleaning. I organize the kitchen and give all […]