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6 things I wish I knew when I first started running

things I wish I knew as a beginner running

I’ve been distance running for eleven years now – more than a third of my life! Over the past decade I’ve learned a lot about running – and myself – through reading countless running publications, talking to runner friends, and through my own experience. The start of my running days seem like an eternity ago, […]

Take a break from running to rest, recover, and recharge

take a break from running

We write a lot about logging miles on WalkJogRun, but do you ever purposefully skip running without being sick, tired, or injured? Some of you might be thinking: Why would I want to do that? I LOVE running! However, you might be surprised to learn I certainly take solid breaks, and I didn’t realize I […]

Tips for late afternoon or evening runner

Tips for evening and afternoon runners

Now that the time has changed and the sun is out later into the evenings, I feel I’m in my running prime. I have always preferred running late in the day – who’s with me on this? I use to feel like there weren’t too many of us (most of my friends prefer early morning […]

Running with sunglasses: 101

Sunglasses for runners

There are two items I never leave without when heading out for a run: my running shoes and sunglasses. Yes, I wear shades in all weather conditions and couldn’t imagine running without them. Why you need to wear sunglasses A good pair of sunglasses do more than just keep you from squinting outside. They also […]

How to start running (again)

make your running comeback: how to start running again after a break

I’m a few weeks away from having my baby, and am extremely fortunate to still be running. But my walking breaks are getting longer and happening more often, so I have a feeling my pregnancy running career is coming to an end pretty soon. Even if I’m able to run right up until the big […]

Afternoon or evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

Afternoon/evening runner? Try these 5 morning rituals

I’m not a morning runner by any means. However, I find what I do in the AM hours certainly has an impact on any running I might want to complete in a given day. In fact, it can make or break my workouts. With that in mind, here are five easy things I try to […]

Am I too slow to be a runner?


“Have you run Boston?” It seems like an innocent question. In fact, it’s one of the first questions people ask me after I tell them I’m a runner. I always reply the same way, “no, I haven’t, but I’d love to.” But what I’m really thinking is, “no, I’m way too slow and will probably […]

Study: more support for training plans

why you need a training plan

Whether you’re training for your first race or your fiftieth, following a training plan is a must. Training plans get us ready for race day. They ensure we’re not only physically prepared, but mentally ready as well. Plus, following a tried-and-true training plan may also reduce the risk for injury and burnout. Study: what happens […]

Spring cleaning for runners

spring cleaning for runners

After a very long and cold winter, spring is finally right around the corner. If you’re like me, you look at spring as a fresh start – a time of renewal. My husband and I set aside time each year to give our home a thorough spring cleaning. I organize the kitchen and give all […]

Balance weight loss and training

Tips for losing weight while training

I have put on a solid seven pounds over this winter season. An extra layer to “keep me warm” as I like to joke. But, honestly — I’d be lying if I told you all it doesn’t bother me. I have a closet full of clothes — including some running shorts — that aren’t fitting […]