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Deer. Owls. Skunks. Oh my! How to deal with wildlife encounters on the run


If you run in the early morning or after dusk, you’ll embrace the tranquility of empty streets and quiet until you here something crashing in the woods next to you or see the glow of eyes down the road in your headlamp. Wildlife encounters when you are running can be an “oh, cool!” event that can […]

Running in a place where no one ‘gets’ running

the lone runner: running in a place where no one gets running

Just as I decided to train for my first marathon, I moved from Vancouver, Canada (where running is more popular than walking) to a tiny little town called Maastricht in the Netherlands (where running is something you do to hide from the rain in a bar). Needless to say, it was an adjustment. Every time […]

Why am I dizzy during – or after – a run?

Essentials for runners

Feeling dizzy during or after a run can be a frightening experience. Maybe you just felt a little woozy or perhaps you even fainted. No matter how severe your symptoms are, dizziness is not something you want to mess around with. Causes of dizziness Dizziness during and immediately following a run can happen for a […]

Running safety: see (and be seen) when running in the dark

Safety tips for running in the dark

It’s official: the light-filled days of summer have ended. Morning runners have likely noticed the sun doesn’t come up quite as early. Before too long, evening runners will be in the darkness, too. Running in the dark presents several challenges – the main one being you can’t see in front of you. If you’ve ever […]

Tips for treating a sunburn

How to treat a sunburn

With summer right around the corner, the sun is getting stronger each day. We’ve discussed sun safety and even shared our favorite sunscreens for runners on this blog before but burns can still happen. And when they do, it can be rough. So while the first step is prevention, here’s how to treat a sunburn: Take a […]

How to stay out of the medical tent: an interview with Boston Marathon Medical Coordinator, Chris Troyanos

There are two things Chris Troyanos, ATC Medical Coordinator for the Boston Marathon, wants you to do before you line up at the start of any endurance event: “Do your training and know your family health history”. Troyanos says these actions could keep you out of the race’s medical tent – and possibly even save your […]

Safety tips for beginner trail runners

Safety tips for beginner runners

Whether or not you’re new to running, hitting the trails is almost an entirely different sport. There’s totally different terrain to deal with, animals and insects, and – yes – even some tricky situations you might not expect. So, before you head on that gorgeous path in the wilderness, heed this advice. And if you’re looking for […]

10 ways to stay safe on early morning runs

running at night

“The early bird gets the worm.” I’ve always subscribed to this theory. I love running in the morning because I have fewer excuses at 6 a.m that will cause me to skip my run. But there is one big reason that used to stop me from running first thing in the morning: it’s dark. Running […]

Safety tips for running on country roads

"Take me home, country roads" - John Denver. A runner's guide to exploring the back roads.

I’m originally from the remote mountains of Pennsylvania, so I have run my fair share of country roads. I’ve also made my fair share of mistakes while running on them. A lot of the same runner safety rules apply on bumpy dirt roads, but these paths do require a bit more attention – and the […]

Protect yourself from an aggressive dog on the run

As a dog lover, I don’t like to think about our furry friends in a negative way. (And we here at WalkJogRun are also huge fans of dogs.) But the truth is dogs are animals, and animals protect themselves when they feel threatened. Most runners can recall a scary moment when a dog chased or […]