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Gifts for the female runner

Gifts for the female runner

Running is an equal-opportunity sport, and that’s why we all love it. But it’s no secret that female runners and male runners have different, somewhat unique problem tendencies when it comes to running. So if you’ve got a lovely lady on your list this Valentine’s Day – or need some help with a birthday gift for that special someone […]

Lessons learned at a trail running camp


Back in the heart of summer, I spent one week at an all-women’s trail running camp in Estes Park, Colo. – a small town located at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park. Elevation: 7,522 feet. Each day we would wake up around 5:30 a.m. and run a new trail – sometimes straight up a mountain. […]

Women’s running: running challenges during your menstrual cycle

Women's running: running during your menstrual cycle

For many women, running during our period is difficult. We feel bloated, zapped of energy, and may have painful cramp – especially in the early days of our cycle. All of these symptoms pile up and don’t make us feel much like running at all. But we need look no further than at Uta Pippig‘s 1996 Boston Marathon […]

Running during pregnancy: the third trimester


I feel like I just shared my second trimester running experience with you – I guess it was only 5 weeks ago! Still, I feel the need to tell you all about my third trimester running experience now – at 30 weeks pregnant – while I’m still able to run. At 30 weeks, I’m feeling […]

Girl power: races for women

In 1980, only 11 percent of marathon finishers were female. In fact, before 1980, there were no women’s distance races in the Olympics. That’s probably hard for many of us to believe because in 2012, four in ten marathon finishers were women. And in many individual races, such as the 2013 Disney World Marathon, women […]

Make a difference with your running: RUN 10 FEED 10

Want to run for more than just yourself? To make a difference to those in need? How about running to help provide meals for those going hungry in your own community? For the second year Women’s Health has partnered with the Feed Foundation in hosting RUN 10 FEED 10 events across the country. Last year […]

Running tips for new moms: finding balance


Finding running balance as a new mom can be tough — especially if its your first child. Resisting the temptation to get back into shape and chase down PR goals right off the bat can be a challenge. However, it’s important in the first year of your child’s life to ease back into physical activities and racing. A little […]

How to find the best sports bra

sports bra for runners

Breast pain affects one-third of women runners of all cup sizes, forcing them to cut runs short or forgo running all together. But a correctly-fitted sports bra can alleviate the hurt. Who is affected: A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine surveyed 1,285 female marathon runners at the 2012 London Marathon. […]

How to stay safe while running

Updated June 23, 2013 Safety is very important, especially for runners. Sometimes we’re out there running when no one else is around. It’s important for runners to be aware of their surroundings and know the risks associated with running so they can protect themselves. In this podcast, we spoke with Rebecca E., who was chased […]

Runner is No Longer Prisoner of Her Own Body

Could you imagine waking up one day and are unable to move? You're still cognitively there, but you cannot move or speak. You can still feel everything around you, but the only way you can communicate is by blinking. It's a terribly frightening thought, right? Well this is exactly what happened to Kate Allatt, our […]