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Expert Q&A: Are there benefits to getting your blood tested as a runner?

Blood tests for runners: are there benefits?

Several companies offer blood testing for runners – a service that they argue provides a window into exactly what is going inside your body. What exactly is the benefit? We first spoke with Jonathan Levitt, sales manager from Inside Tracker, a Boston-based company that provides blood testing, before talking to two independent professional running coaches […]

10 of the most inspiring #Instarunning accounts


A daily dose of motivation is merely a newsfeed scroll away. These 10 Instagram accounts will have you lacing up your sneakers and out the door in minutes! 1. @karagoucher: Professional runner Kara Goucher’s Instagram is a mix of active lifestyle shots, candid family photos, and healthy snacks –demonstrating her energy as she juggles a busy family life […]

#Selfie: Proper fitness selfie etiquette

Fitness selfie etiquette

Ahh. The Selfie. It’s ubiquitous in today’s culture. And while the actual act of snapping a picture of yourself is innocent enough, it’s the posting of those #nomakeup #flawless selfies all over the internet that creates a divide among the social media masses. Today, our pro-selfie writer explores a specific niche of the selfie phenomena: the […]