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Running with dogs: How to get your pup into race shape

How to get your dog in racing shape.

We are dog lovers here at WalkJogRun. We’ve already covered the best dogs for runners, how to start running with your dog, tips for racing with your dog. Now we bring you how to get your dog in race-ready shape. Follow these training tips with your dog, and your furry friend will be set for […]

Tips for racing with your dog

Tips for racing with your dog

We ran our first family race a few weeks ago. And by family I don’t mean that I ran with my child but with my dog. Eli is my training buddy. He can run three quick miles or 10 long ones. He runs in the cold, in the snow (with the right precautions), and in […]

Running with dogs: winter edition


As we settle into the long, seemingly never-ending middle of winter, many of us are getting antsy to take an outdoor run. And I’m pretty sure this “some of us” includes our four-legged friends. But with extreme temps and rough roads, the winter weather can be tough on our pups.  Here are a few ways […]

Gift guides for runners: the dog


We’ve focused a lot on the humans this past week but many of us have four-legged running companions who we adore to pieces and who help us hit the road — rain, sleet, or snow. Let’s give them some type of reward, too! I scoped out all the ridiculous and ingenious treats and gifts for […]

8 tips to start running with your dog


Are you looking for a new running buddy? You may not have to look far. Your ideal running mate may be your best friend. Your best furry friend, that is. Dogs are great running partners (especially ones that are mixed with certain breeds). They’re always eager to head out the door and don’t complain — […]

The best dogs for runners


I used to run with my dog, Nati, — a black lab/ chow chow mix — all the time. He was the perfect running partner for a few years. Well, if we started the run by 6 a.m. and only ran a few miles, that is. Thanks to the chow in him, my poor furball […]

Summer running with dogs


Summer is a great time to enjoy runs with your favorite four-legged friend. I’ve been taking my pup, Eli, out with me on many of my runs so he too can relish the sun on his face, roll around in the grass, and get his blood pumping. However, the warmer weather isn’t always a welcome […]

Run like a Border Collie

Many runners can relate to this quote — and scene — from Modern Family. Phil: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she’s like a Border Collie. Claire: Did you just compare me to a dog? Phil: The smartest in the world! “Like” if this describes you or someone you know. (I’m proud […]

Marathon training with your dog: extra motivation

This is our guest blogger, Scott Cook’s second blog post highlighting his marathon training. You can learn more about Scott in his introduction post. Lately Scott has been running with his dogs. They enjoy getting outside for the fresh air- and it’s a great way for Scott to stay motivated to get out the door […]