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Planning a race: race directors share challenges, logistics, and why they do what they do

Race directors share what goes into planning a race.

Much like training to run a race, putting a race on successfully requires months of preparation, dedication, and hard work. And with the past decade’s running boom, race directors now contend with some pretty fierce competition. BJ Williams of Massachusetts – who organizes the annual The BJ Williams Road Race and the Annual 10K Hilltop Road Race – said getting your […]

Big race vs. small race: the pros and cons of different race sizes

Big vs. small: the pros and cons of different race sizes

The great thing about racing is it takes what is normally a solitarily pursuit – running – and turns it into a group activity.  But your experience at a race can vary depending on its size. A local 5K or 10K from a running club is going to feel a lot different than a big, metro […]

Escape: Take a running vacation

Escape: tips for your running vacation

Destination races or “racecations” are so last year, right? The answer to that question depends on whom you ask. But if you’re looking for a new way to combine your love of running with a love of traveling, we’ve got you covered. Consider one of these ways to have a running vacation: Running cruises We […]

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Writer wanted!

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9 really challenging running goals that go beyond a single race

9 really challenging running goals beyond a single a race

Maybe you finally broke the 30-minute mark in the 5K. Or crossed the marathon off of your bucket list. Perhaps you even ran a race you had your sights set on for years. Now what? Some runners are thinking long-term and beyond one race when it comes to running goals. If you have the desire, […]

How to run faster … without running

How to run faster … without running

I’m toying with the idea of running a fall marathon. Before I amp up training again, I always think that this time I’m really going to give it 100 percent. I want to fully devote myself to training so I can run my fastest marathon time yet. But I know those tempo runs, 800m repeats, and […]

Training in the real world: when you don’t have the time or energy to stick with the plan

Training in the real world: What to do when you don't have the time or energy to stick with a plan

There are few things as thrilling as starting to train for a race. If you’re like us, you settle on a program that calls for 16 weeks or so of training runs, pull out your calendar, and pencil in runs each week. Then you start your training filled to the brim with excitement and motivation. […]

Training in the real world: when you’re undertrained

Training in the real world: Undertrained. What to do if you're not prepared for a race.

Nowadays, races – especially large, popular ones – sell out months in advance. When you signed up to run a November marathon back in January, you likely had the best of intentions to train hard and do well in the race. But a lot of things can happen in the months between registration and race […]

How to add flaxseed to your daily routine

Flaxseeds: how to add the superfood to your daily routine

Flaxseed meal – or, simply, flax meal – is a great source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), and antioxidants. You might think flax is just a health fad, but the stuff has been around since it was first cultivated in ancient Babylon. In fact, King Charlemagne felt so strongly […]

Training in the real world: when sickness strikes

Regardless your race distance, that training plan becomes far more than a guide for the 10 to 20 weeks you follow it – it becomes gospel. But what happens when it all gets derailed by illness? It’s bound to happen eventually. Anything from sniffles to sneezes, stomach upset to body aches and fatigue. Missing training time isn’t ideal, […]