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Can you stay in race shape year-round?


With the New Year often comes new goals and ways to challenge ourselves. New ways to push ourselves and make this year our best one yet. One challenge we’ve seen making its way around the running community is 15 in ’15 – meaning 15 races in the calendar year 2015. Some people are striving for […]

8 fast (and healthy) dinners for busy runners

Fast and healthy dinner recipes for runners

When life gets hectic, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table can be a challenge, and we can find ourselves once again feasting on fast or frozen foods. But dinner doesn’t have to be a headache – or a big production. All it takes is a little planning and one of these eight amazingly quick-to-prepare recipes. […]

Spotlight on the 15K race: a sweet-spot distance for many runners

The 15K: a sweet-spot distance for many. Learn why you should train for this different type of race.

One race distance that doesn’t get the attention it deserves in the 15K. It’s 9.3 miles of pure awesomeness, and it just so happens to be my favorite race distance of all time. And while we’re at it, we might as well lump in the humble 10-miler, since I’ve seen events of that distance popping […]

10 super healthy super bowl recipes

After writing up that calorie guide to the Super Bowl, I thought some healthy suggestions were in order. Of course, I’m all for indulging in the good stuff whenever possible. My favorite situation happens when tasty and healthy collide into new snacks and treats I want to make again and again. So, rethink your game […]

The art of running negative splits

How to run faster … without running

There’s no better feeling than finishing a race strong, but if you’ve been running races long enough, you’ve probably completed some races feeling the complete opposite way. Maybe you bonked in the final miles or fell off your pace because you ran too fast at the start. No matter what the reason, running a less […]

Music Monday: Skip the playlist and listen to the album

Music Monday: 25 great rock and folk albums to run to

I came of age when mix-tapes were the medium for professing love and admiration. For making a statement about the world. In 80 minutes or less, you could tell a story that your words alone simply couldn’t. The order. The opening and closing notes.  The contrasts. It was all so important. The medium was an earnest form of self expression. It […]

Lessons learned from running four races in four consecutive days


This January, I had the privilege to take on a new-to-me type of race: a multiple race weekend. I ran the runDisney Dopey Challenge  in Walt Disney World. “Dopey” consists of a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a half marathon on Saturday, and a full marathon on Sunday. I wanted to share some thoughts […]

Omega-3 basics for athletes

The benefits of omega 3s for athletes

You’ve probably heard by now Omega-3s are important for living a healthy life. But what exactly are these fatty acids, what do they do, and do you need to eat fish to get your fill? What are Omega-3s? Simply put, Omega-3 fatty acid is an unsaturated fatty acid occurring chiefly in fish oils. They have shown to […]

Hearty slow-cooker dinner recipes for runners

In the winter, my favorite kitchen appliance is the slow-cooker. It wins hands down. Even though the total number of hours in the day are the same in the winter as summer, the fewer hours of daylight make it feel like it’s harder to cross off everything on my “to do” list – including cook dinner. […]

Fueling for a multiple race weekend

Fueling for back-to-back races

As if one race wasn’t enough, many runners are now tackling multiple races in one weekend. There are organized multiple races, such as runDisney’s challenges and Runner’s World’s hat trick, and unofficial events. Earlier this fall, there were two half marathons in my town – one on Saturday and one on Sunday – and several of […]