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6 ways to get faster in 2016

How to improve your speed and run faster this year

Running is both a lifestyle and a sport. As a lifestyle, it influences what you eat and drink, how you sleep, and often, how you spend your weekends. As a sport, it comes with the trapping and inspiration of competition. Once you have raced, for most people, the goal is to get faster, to perform […]

My favorite five post-race menus. What’s on your list?

Free what after a race?

The range of free food and drink offered after races runs the gamut from high-end, nutritious energy food to pure junk. Here’s a review of five different post-race menus at events near me. What’s on the menu near you? Slattery’s Turkey Trot, Fitchburg, Mass.: I’ll admit to a hometown bias here. This was my first race […]

Runner’s column: lessons learned from watching the back-of-the-pack

The finish line: lessons learned from a last place finisher

There’s an older woman who runs a lot of the local races in my area and she finishes last in every single one of them. Her gait has disintegrated to a painful-looking, slightly hunched over half-shuffle. After one particularly cold and windy race I remember overhearing her saying she was doing OK until she ran/walked […]

Expert Q&A: post-half marathon recovery tips

Tips to help you recover from a half marathon

It’s the day after a half marathon and you are sore in places you’ve never been sore before. It’s time to focus on recovery! But what does this mean and what exactly should you do? We asked three coaches – Jason Saltmarsh, Theresa Kavouras, and Denny Krahe – to share their tips. And while there’s no one […]

Play it cool when meeting famous runners

Tips for meeting elite runners - and how to play it cool

The free flow of information between average participants, avid racers, and true professionals and elites is one of the unique aspects of running. The common man and woman can rub shoulders with the people who populate the pinnacle of the sport –something that would never happen in baseball, hockey, football, etc. We reached out to the following […]

5 things runners obsess about during race week – and how to stop

Stop obsessing: 5 things runners tend to overthink in the week leading up to race day

Many successful runners are slightly obsessive. It’s the trait that gives us the self-discipline needed to stick with training plans, watch our diet, and track our progress. But in the week before a race, when our physical and mental energy sits idle as we cutback on miles, that obsessive-ness can become our worst enemy – driving everyone (including […]

Planning a race: race directors share challenges, logistics, and why they do what they do

Race directors share what goes into planning a race.

Much like training to run a race, putting a race on successfully requires months of preparation, dedication, and hard work. And with the past decade’s running boom, race directors now contend with some pretty fierce competition. BJ Williams of Massachusetts – who organizes the annual The BJ Williams Road Race and the Annual 10K Hilltop Road Race – said getting your […]

Big race vs. small race: the pros and cons of different race sizes

Big vs. small: the pros and cons of different race sizes

The great thing about racing is it takes what is normally a solitarily pursuit – running – and turns it into a group activity.  But your experience at a race can vary depending on its size. A local 5K or 10K from a running club is going to feel a lot different than a big, metro […]

9 really challenging running goals that go beyond a single race

9 really challenging running goals beyond a single a race

Maybe you finally broke the 30-minute mark in the 5K. Or crossed the marathon off of your bucket list. Perhaps you even ran a race you had your sights set on for years. Now what? Some runners are thinking long-term and beyond one race when it comes to running goals. If you have the desire, […]

How to run faster … without running

How to run faster … without running

I’m toying with the idea of running a fall marathon. Before I amp up training again, I always think that this time I’m really going to give it 100 percent. I want to fully devote myself to training so I can run my fastest marathon time yet. But I know those tempo runs, 800m repeats, and […]