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8 popular group fitness classes, demystified

You may have joined a gym for the first time in 2015 and now you’re looking to maximize your experience by taking a group fitness class. Good for you! But some of those class titles can look like a foreign language, and the descriptions can scare you away from even setting foot inside. Relax! Below […]

All about barre for runners

Barre workouts for runners: photo by Quinn Dombrowski

Looking for a new, fresh cross-training routine? You could try roaming the streets and dance-walking for exercise. Or perhaps you’d rather try something a little more formal. Barre or The Bar Method or Xtend Barre (the names are different depending on the studio) is a new type of ballet-inspired routine that has popped up in cities […]

TRX suspension training review

TRX training

As a runner, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape. So, when a friend told me I had to try TRX (total body resistance) suspension training, I wasn’t exactly quick to register for a class. Not because I was scared. Rather because I didn’t want to “waste” an hour of my precious time if […]

All about step machines

all about step machines

While it may be spring, most gym memberships run the course of a full year. So, chances are if you have a membership, you’re still heading indoors to do at least some running or cross-training. We thought it’d be good to cover some more equipment you might not be familiar with. And if you’ve been […]

All about the pool


For those of us who’d rather plod along on land, setting foot into the pool locker room can be quite unnerving. I, myself, am not a terribly good swimmer, though I have learned ways to use this awesome resource to my advantage over the years. You don’t need to swim to get a great workout […]

What to look for in a gym membership


For years, I didn’t belong to a gym – and I’m sure many other runners scoff at the idea of joining a health club, too. Now that I’ve been to the other side, I love my Y membership Deciding whether or not to join a gym is a tough call, though. Many memberships are pricey […]

Demystifying the Gym: BOSU Ball


Have you ever seen a fellow exerciser balancing on a half-inflated blue ball? Well, if you’re lucky, near the weights and mats in your local gym, you’ll find several BOSU Balance Trainers (otherwise known as BOSU balls). If you still don’t think you know what I’m talking about, think hard for a minute — they’re […]

All about the rowing machine


Still think you can’t get a great workout while sitting down? You’re wrong! Just a single session on the rowing machine can blast between 600-800 calories in an hour. That’s similar, if not better, than running or spinning for the same duration — and it blows the elliptical out of the water. In addition, walkers/joggers/runners […]

All about stationary bikes


Usually somewhere between the treadmills and elliptical machines, there are a few exercise bikes sprinkled in. Some might look very much like the 2-wheeled apparatus we learned to ride when we were just children. Others are bigger, bulkier, with lots of bells and whistles — but just as familiar. Then come the seemingly laid-back bikes […]

All about the Jacobs Ladder


Overwhelmed by all the gym options? You’re not alone. Our new series will help you understand what all those random things are — and how to use them. A few years ago, my husband Stephen and I were all signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon. I planned to hit a 3:45, smashing my previous […]