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Foods to keep you energized and running all winter


‘Tis the season for dark mornings, dark evenings, and grey days in between, with sleet, snow, and rain trying to prevent us from sticking to our training plans. But even if you’re one of the brave ones – a runner who dares to take on the elements, full of grit and determination – you’ll still have days when you […]

Fruit spotlight: avocado

Fruit spotlight on avocados | about and recipes for runners

Healthy fats. Avocados have them in spades. But did you know that avocados also have 20 key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin E, and choline? They are a power-packed superfood – and one you should certainly consider adding to your diet if you aren’t eating them already. Another amazing benefit of avocados is that they are […]

Avocado: a hearty-healthy spring fruit (yes, fruit!)


Many of us believe that avocado is a vegetable, we certainly eat them in that way, but it’s actually a fruit — and a delicious one at that. Plus it’s filled with heart-healthy unsaturated fat. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I put together a simple recipe highlighting the avocado. Several years ago I was […]