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Running advice to ignore when you’re starting out

What to ignore when you start running

The internet (present blog included) is full of all sorts of running advice, training plans, tips and tricks, and methods to improve your running. But when you are starting out, it can often be overwhelming to sort through all the different kinds of training techniques you “need” to implement in order to get faster or stronger. When […]

How to get a running injury: a step-by-step guide

Inject some fun in your running

Have you signed up for a marathon, but you don’t want to meet your goal? Are you sick of waking up early to go run and want an excuse to stay under the covers. Fear not! Just follow this guide to getting injured*, and we guarantee your race day will go horribly wrong or won’t […]

Commonly asked questions asked by beginner runners (no, you’re not alone!)

Find answers to FAQs from beginner runners

Find answers to frequently asked questions by beginner runners below. Don’t see your question? Asked us in the comments or Tweet at us and we’ll get back to you with an answer! I tried running, but I get tired and have to stop after a few minutes. How does anyone run for miles without taking breaks? […]

I am unable to quit because I am currently too legit

Too legit to quit

Remember to keep running. You’re too legit to quit. Photo: Unsplash

All about that base: the basics of building a running foundation

All about that base: building a running foundation

Almost every training plan assumes that the runner has a “base”. Your base is exactly what it sounds like – it’s your current fitness level. You cannot go from running zero miles per week to training for a marathon. Base building is the work that comes in between zero mileage weeks and training – it’s pre-training, if […]

Race ready: 10 tips to rock your first race

How to rock your first race?

There’s nothing quite like your first race – all those weeks spent training for a new challenge, the anticipation of crossing the finish line, and the nerves about the experience itself. But don’t let stress get the best of you and overshadow your race day excitement. These tips can ensure you’re ready for the big event: […]

Getting started: tips for beginner runners

Woman Running in City

Have you been bitten by the running bug? I have seen a number of my friends start running in the last couple months, and the good vibes are certainly infectious. I’ve also observed a few rookie mistakes that I, myself, made when I was starting out. It’s all par for the course, and whether you’re […]