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I’m supposed to run but … I have blisters and/or chafing

What should I do if I have blisters and/or chafing?

THE PROBLEM: You felt it coming on during yesterday’s run. Maybe your sock was rubbing your shoe in a funny place. You knew you’d likely get a blister, but you didn’t want to stop and mess up your tempo. Or maybe it was a hot, humid day and there was no way to avoid chafing in […]

Preventing and treating blisters

tips for treating and preventing blisters

Of all the parts of the body at play during walking and jogging, the feet take the brunt of the burden. And no matter your foot strike, pronation, or shoe/sock choice, most of us get blisters from time to time. If not treated promptly and properly, blisters can become a much bigger issue in the […]