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Social dancing as cross-training for runners

Social dancing for cross-training

Social dancing is a term that encompasses lots of different partner dances – including the salsa, zouk, bachata, tango, and swing. Usually you take a course, where you learn steps, positions, movements and combinations. And then you take those skills onto the dance floor at socials – basically large rooms with a bar and a dance floor, […]

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

What I learned from *only* running for a few months

We have talked about it so many times. The importance of cross-training and strength training regularly. How varying your workouts is the only way to improve as a runner and – most importantly – avoid injury. But I’m guilty of not practicing what I preach. After a race-heavy fall and early winter, I was burnt […]

8 popular group fitness classes, demystified

You may have joined a gym for the first time in 2015 and now you’re looking to maximize your experience by taking a group fitness class. Good for you! But some of those class titles can look like a foreign language, and the descriptions can scare you away from even setting foot inside. Relax! Below […]

Free cross-training workouts for runners


If you don’t want to join the gym, here are a few free cross-training workouts to supplement your running (because we all know cross-training is very important for runners, right?): Strength training for performance Coach Kozak presents a simple, quick (4 minutes) strength training routine that runners can perform using simple dumbbells. He advises runners […]