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Recipe: cucumber and green onion salad

Healthy summer salad recipe: cucumber vinegar green onion salad

Summer dishes are all about being quick and no-fuss. If they don’t require an oven, all the better. That’s why I love simple summer salads like potato salad and chickpea salad. But sometimes you want something really refreshing and super light. That’s where the wonderful cucumber comes into play. We just talked about the benefits […]

Fruit spotlight: cucumbers

About and recipes with cucumbers - a hydrating, nutritious fruit

There are few foods more refreshing than cucumbers. Especially during summer, the crisp, cool flavor and high moisture content make cucumbers both irresistible and smart for snacking. Cucumbers are more than 95 percent water – all while being low in calories and big on fresh taste. In addition, cucumbers are an excellent source of fiber. Since […]