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Pre-race meal: fish and vegetables


My fueling before a long run (12+ miles) or a race – usually a half marathon – is a bit different than what most runners may use but through trial and error I have discovered this is what works for me. Fueling for an early morning race (usually 8 a.m.) means a hearty dinner usually […]

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

Pre-race meal: zucchini carbonara

I love food but I don’t usually hand-source all of the ingredients for my meals from various bakers, cheesemongers, and charcuteries. But my pre-race meal is a ritual, and it involves nearly all of those things. It starts on a highly-trafficked street market in Amsterdam’s equivalent of the Latin Quarter. The Albert Cuyp market is […]

Pre-race meal: breakfast, for dinner

Pre-race meal: breakfast dinner

The morning of a race, I keep things simple – I mean a Clif Bar and a banana simple. I don’t even mess around with coffee. The night before though, instead of a heaping bowl of pasta, I fill up on what might typically seem like breakfast food, for dinner. Some of my choices include: Whole wheat pancakes […]