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Want to eat healthier in 2016? Try a zoodler or spiralizer (aka that thing that turns vegetables into noodles)

Want to eat healthier in 2016? Try a zoodler or spiralizer (aka that thing that turns vegetables into noodles)

The zoodler – also known as a spiralizer – is a gadget that has slowly but surely been making its way through the food-blogger rounds over the past year or so. It started with the health-conscious cooks who were trying to reduce their carb intake, but quickly captured the attention of experimental foodies, who embraced […]

8 fast (and healthy) dinners for busy runners

Fast and healthy dinner recipes for runners

When life gets hectic, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table can be a challenge, and we can find ourselves once again feasting on fast or frozen foods. But dinner doesn’t have to be a headache – or a big production. All it takes is a little planning and one of these eight amazingly quick-to-prepare recipes. […]

Hearty slow-cooker dinner recipes for runners

In the winter, my favorite kitchen appliance is the slow-cooker. It wins hands down. Even though the total number of hours in the day are the same in the winter as summer, the fewer hours of daylight make it feel like it’s harder to cross off everything on my “to do” list – including cook dinner. […]

Build a quick pasta dish: food for runners


It goes something like this: You get up, work all day, get home, try to squeeze in a run, and then go to bed. In there somewhere, you need to eat. You need this food not just to stay full of tasty flavors. No, athletes need their food as fuel. So, it’s critical to have […]

Recipe: how to build a healthy pizza


What’s for dinner tonight? If you’re in my house, the answer is likely pizza. When I tell my family and friends that I eat pizza several times a week, they look at me slightly puzzled. Surely it can’t be healthy to eat bread and cheese as dinner staples on the regular. Right? Thing is, if […]

Uncooked Dinners for Busy Runners

no cook dinners

I don’t know about you, but as the weather warms up, my meals get a little less hearty. I tend to favor easy-to-assemble dishes that require zero time in the oven. Do you find yourself in the same boat? Actually, there are many benefits to eating uncooked foods, especially certain vegetables. For example, raw garlic […]